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Mastermind Group: Finding Your Purpose
( Open Enrollment - Start Date: TBD)
Group Coaching is about achieving your dreams and goals; while being held accountable to yourself and peers. With group coaching you realize you're not alone. In a group setting you find solutions and celebrate each success for yourself and with your group.
"Sometimes there is magic that happens when likeminded people come together."Coach Veela
*Online Courses
*Exercises (Homework)
*Guided Meditation
*Hypnotherapy and other Spiritual Practices/Tools
*Guest Speakers and Coaches
*Live Events
If you've ever wondered about Life Coaching this is a perfect way to start.
Includes: (2) -90 minute monthly sessions - Each session will allow two members to come forward with specific issues for laser coaching, and group feedback. As always we will do a check in with group members.
-An Accountability Partner - This is to ensure you've done the work assigned and ready for the group session.
-Secret Fac…