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"Nothing is coincidence; it is Divine." ~Veela aka Venus

No one is perfect, but in GOD'S merciful and infinite wisdom HE made it so we can always benefit from our mistakes; whether it's a life lesson learned or even for HIS glory. Our mistakes have purpose. So before you throw out that piece of paper, or look at what you've done as a failure; please read some examples of people making millions from so-called mistakes.

Did you know there are common products you are highly familiar with, that came about by mistake? These are products that came about in trying to invent something completely different.

The Slinky

While working on a tension spring, Richard James accidentally let one slip off the table. When it hit the ground, it kept on going. This gave him the idea to make it into a product. The product was developed in the 1940’s but is still available today. James’ wife sold the product in 1998.

Post-It Notes

3M was looking for a strong adhesive and set the research and…