With the state of the political climate; there is complete unrest for anyone of color, or religion other than Christianity. Today is the first day of Black History Month. Trump decided to make remarks acknowledging the occasion.

“Frederick Douglass has done an amazing job.” Does he even know who Frederick Douglass was or is? I truly doubt it. He threw around a few other names such as Dr. Martin Luther King. Does he understand that Douglass championed abolition and women’s suffrage? Neither cause is something I think Trump would support now; let alone the 1800’s. Douglass went from being a slave to one of the greatest orators of his time. He has more in common with President Obama then Trump who lacks character. It is worth noting that Douglass married a white woman after his first wife died.  He married Helen Pitts in 1884 until his death in 1895. I don’t see Trump being a proponent of interracial marriage. He must have misspoken as he often does. Why would today be any different?

(Frederick Douglass and his wife Helen Pitts, with her sister.)

But the cherry on top was when he brought up two staff members, Omarosa Manigault, and Dr. Ben Carson. The first thing that came to my mind was Stepin Fetchit. Stepin Fetchit remains a controversial movie figure in American history. This started out as a vaudeville routine with two actors. The one actor continued and used the name of the partnership. Stepin Fetchit was the stage name of Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry. A West Indian immigrant, Perry made several films where he perpetuated this coon character who would talk gibberish and was lazy, and stupid; a characterization that white audiences easily accepted as the true representation of a “Negro.” In the height of his popularity Perry was the first black to receive film credit and became a millionaire as a result. The coon persona negated the true personality and intelligence of Perry. Perry was one of the first writers for The Chicago Defender. With the act and his physical stature Perry posed no threat sexually, physically, or otherwise.
(Omarosa has admit in several interviews that she was originally hired to be the bitch on The Apprentice, and is proud she was the first on reality TV. Please tell Trump this is no longer reality TV.)

The NAACP and countless other used Perry as the example of the stereotype we no longer wanted seen. Sadly when Hollywood had no more use for Perry he ended up penniless and bitter. He didn’t see his character as a political statement. He saw himself as an actor and comedian. To this day his physical comedy is touted as some of the best ever.

(I find narcissistic to commission a painting with Jesus.) 

Do I disagree with Omarosa, Ben Carson and the Trump administration? Hell yes!!! But I had to look at some of my own and recent experiences. I closed my business a few years ago to become a Certified Caregiver for my Mother. At the time it wasn’t my first choice, but there was no one else to get Mom back on her feet. I’m glad I did it because my Mother is still here and her health has made a miraculous turn. Fast-forward and I’m now a Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor.  While I’m funding and launching my coaching business I have been continuing the Caregiving. I want to do the coaching full-time. I’m using the money to finance the business.

(My purpose is greater than this caricature that was created in my likeness.)

People who know me and those who follow me on social media know that I can be a rebel without a cause, and sometimes a straight up militant. There’s a saying, “go along to get along.” I used to think that’s what I’ve done recently, but now I’m not so sure I can chalk it up to such a simple explanation. Have we (the conservative blacks) allowed certain stereotypes to be perpetuated by my/our cooperation?  I chalked it up to maturity. Overlooking words and actions that would ordinarily make me wake up. I even chalked it up to the client’s age, experience and outright racism. Of course the most racist are the quickest to cry they’re not racist. I’m kept my mouth shut when she disrespected President Obama and told that perpetual lie about the trillion dollar debt; a debt that Obama inherited from Bush and continued to rack up because of the wars. I kept my mouth shut when she told me the story of her sister being called a kike and explained that racial slur was the same as someone calling me nigger. My mouth dropped. Yes she actual said this to my face. As she said it I remembered my Mother firing a staff member because she told a story and although she didn’t direct the word to Mom, she was still fired. When she interviewed an additional Caregiver I wanted to crawl under the table as she talked to this educated woman as if she just came out of the African Bush. I told the young woman she was ignorant and didn’t know any better.

She hired the young lady. She has a beautiful name that means precious gift from GOD. She even has a variation of her name that is a nickname. This woman could easily call her by her nickname, but insist on calling her a generic name that is not her name. I still kept my damn mouth shut. Yet if we called this woman by her given name she’d be insulted. She prefers the shortened version of her name. Maybe we should start calling her Jew. I guess that would be just as racist.

We’ve been taught and told that we need to “go along to get along.” I can’t help but feel a little piece of my soul is being chipped away. In this woman’s mind I’m one those conservative, “good blacks.” By not objecting I’ve made this woman comfortable in her racism. I’m sure Omarosa and Ben Carson have done the same.

Maybe I’m not wearing blackface and because this woman pays for my time she feels comfortable displaying her ignorance. But that rebel is getting closer and closer to exploding. It’s hard to look the other way and explain it away. She may not know any better, but pretty soon I’m going to teach her. People like Omarosa think that because they’ve been allowed into the house (Big House/White House) that they’re actually friends with these people. When you’re not in the room, when you’re not around who knows what is said. I can certainly guess. Ben Carson is a multi-millionaire that’s been put in charge of Affordable Housing. They both have it twisted. They are only glorified house niggers. Slaves can’t be fired. They work for free.

I’m just as wrong for not demanding this woman’s respect. I treat her with the utmost respect and kindness. I don’t see it in return. People like this see one set of rules for you and another for themselves. We’ve let them get away with too much for too long. Yeah, I’ve heard her say my black friend. I’m sure Trump refers to his black friends. They’re not our friends. You can still be in the White House and all they see is a nigger. Ask President Obama.

I’m going to do better. We’ve fought too hard to go backwards. We have EVERYTHING to lose. I heard light-skin was coming back in style. Lol I just don’t want to be the new face for Stepin Fetchit. This is a dangerous position to be in. And yes this white woman was one of the 60% that voted for Trump. I found out a former student also voted for Trump. That scares me even more. GOD, didn’t she learn anything from me?


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