By  on December 15, 2014
By Veela Ammons
What I’m about to say is beyond any sexual position or act. If you’re bound with guilt over your sexuality then this article is not for you. If you’re of the mindset that sex is only for procreation. This is not for you. If you’re going to pull out scripture from the Bible about “defiling the marital bed”, this ain’t for you. Take off your old ideas about sex and your sexuality. Steve Harvey used to have a joke that said if Christians didn’t practice sex why are there so many little Christians? I agree. But we’ve got to take the labels, the embarrassment, and the shame away from what GOD HIMSELF created to actualize the GOD in us.
Stay with me now. I’m about to give you a new and exciting perspective on what should be celebrated. Sexuality was created by GOD for you. It was to create life, but it was also created to touch the face of GOD, to find that “G” spot. When I refer to the “G” spot I’m not referring to an orgasm I’m looking at a spiritual orgasm. When you begin to see the power and authority GOD gave us. We can’t speak and produce life. We do however; connect with another soul and go into a soul agreement to produce the best of both of us. When I got pregnant with my daughter I was on birth control and had not missed any of my pills. I was immediately tested and the baby was tested while in the womb to make sure there were no physical abnormalities. I had taken a drug called tetracycline which was given because I was initially misdiagnosed with a severe kidney infection. I could have miscarried or caused harm to my child with the drugs I was given. Long before I knew my name GOD loved me and connected my soul to Terry. If we married for no other reason than to produce Ms. Courtney we served our purpose and fulfilled our soul agreement. As a pharmacist my daughter is credited for not only helping others, but saving their lives. That is part of our purpose.
Let’s go back to finding the “G” spot. Do you know what it is to connect with someone’s soul and body? It is indescribable unless you’ve experienced it. I have actually been with someone and it was the most loving and pleasurable act that I began to weep. Not out of sorrow but pure joy. There is a level in sexuality that is so sacred that it becomes a spiritual experience. We talk in romantic terms about setting the atmosphere with candles, incense and music. All three components are used in cleansing and sanctifying the atmosphere when you do your soul’s work. It is also part of my ritual when working with clients and coaching them. We purify ourselves by bathing or showering to ready ourselves for the act. There is such a thing as fu$%%^% and screwing. But those things have nothing to do with what I’m talking about. Can you experience this level of spiritual pleasure with someone you’re not committed to? Yes, of course you can. I know some will disagree. I can already hear your objections beyond this computer screen. Is sex just for a married couple and are they only to engage in sex to reproduce? The answer is absolutely no. There are couples that are committed and connected beyond a physical piece of paper. There are others that are married and don’t know what that commitment or connection is. Were they ever? Something they have to search within themselves and as a couple. It requires some deep soul searching and above all, honesty. They need a come (cum) to Jesus moment. I know I’m going to get in trouble for that. But you know I like to laugh. I just couldn’t resist. Lol
People have been made to feel ashamed of something that is beautiful and made by the Creator. Anyone who has experienced the “G” spot has to acknowledge the GOD factor in the act itself. We can connect with someone on an intellectual level and explore their mind and hence be aroused to explore their body. We can connect with someone on a spiritual and soul level that it arouses us and awakens that sexual need. Marvin Gaye wasn’t playing when he wrote and purported the benefits of Sexual Healing. There is a healing in sexuality that we can experience once we let go of the rhetoric and ideology that should have no part in this pleasure experience. It is a proven fact that sex relieves stress and also releases endorphins in the body that stimulate brain activity. If GOD had created sex just for procreation why are there so many other benefits in having sex?
Are there any sexual acts that should be off limits? The answer is no again. I do believe in practicing safe sex. But I also think when you’re in love or wanting to please your partner there shouldn’t be limitations. Don’t do anything you are uncomfortable with. But be open to new and exciting things. Try it. You might like it. Whatever happens within the confines of your bedroom is your business. Be respectful and considerate of your partner. This is an act of love. And although I was honest in saying that you may not be in a committed relationship or even in love, but you have to treat that person with love. People are going to say I’m old-fashioned for this, but I believe you are forever connected to anyone you choose to be sexually active with. This is the most intimate connection you can share. You see inside their soul. You become intertwined. Your souls become intertwined. At certain points you physically become one. To share such sacred space with someone requires delicacy and tenderness. For those of you too young or too immature you’ve already checked out so this is not for you. It’s still all about the conquest and bragging on who and how many.
I have made a personal decision to be celibate. I am unattached. I’m not dating. And this is something I only want to share with the man I marry or the man I decide to commit to. There’s something wonderful about celebrating monogamy with that one special person. As a Life Coach I have to be honest and say that I am out of balance. I was meant, you were meant to be a sexual being. Sexuality is a gift from GOD. Remember I said you need balance in all 7 areas of your life to be happy. Those 7 are: Home Life, Health and Fitness, Finance, Relationships, Career/Life Purpose, Spirituality and Sexuality. As teenagers we would hear young men say that they were going to die if they didn’t get some. Well, it turns out they weren’t far off. When men are impotent or experience erectile dysfunction there is a correlation with their mental and physical health. When women began to inject all types of birth control and drugs to stop ovulation and menstruation there is an imbalance in their reproductive health. There are ways to not get pregnant without injecting these harmful chemicals. And why is there a disproportionate amount of advertising in black publications than mainstream publications for birth control? We’ll talk about that later. We are walking around with our hormones out of balance. More and more you’re seeing women with facial hair and muscle mass that is not typical of a woman. When you stop estrogen you are mutalating yourself. When you are lacking testosterone there are consequences in your health.
Here is my last question. Is there a problem with masturbating? The Life Coach in me says no, but the Spiritual Advisor says yes. This is strictly my personal opinion. Every person that masturbates needs some type of stimulation. I’ve yet to hear someone tell me that they can just fantasize and orgasm. Most people either look at magazines or videos. Thus they end up introducing porn into their psyche. There are sexual acts that are out of the realm of decency. You begin to cloud and taint yourself with images and scenarios that are disgusting and even detrimental to your well-being. I think it leads to sexual confusion. If you listen GOD will tell you what you need to know concerning your sexuality and how it connects to HIM. I know your parents taught you the birds and the bees. I’m teaching you the spirituality that can be found in your sexuality. To love and not have sex is to be left cold. To have sex and not love is to leave your soul lonely.
Find your “G” spot. Find that and your soul’s connection to another and it will be Heaven. It will be bliss. When we connect sexually there is a presence of GOD.
The scripture says, “…..where two are gathered I am in the midst.” Matthew 18:20
I didn’t say two or three. I know how some of you will take my words and the scripture out of context and tell your girlfriend GOD said to have a threesome. I don’t think so. If GOD can show up when two are agreeing in prayer why wouldn’t HE show up when two are creating what HE made beautiful?
*Veela Ammons sees herself as a citizen of the world because of the multiplicity of cultures and diversity all found in this country. You can follow her on to obtain her services as a Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor.

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  1. YES! I'm proud to admit that after being lonely in sex as one of the best for at least 100 ladies, I have found the love of my life whom I can make cum 30 times in an hour and whom I brought to tears of joy in a 4.5 hour session of serious love-making. In fact, I healed her low self esteem thru great sex and love-making and I often help her creativity and enhance her feelings of self being since she can relax long enough for me to manipulate her soft supple body into all types of sensual positions that unite us as one everytime! "Whats wrong?" I asked as the tears streamed down her gentle face from both eyes as she saddled atop of my manhood and I, "I'm so happy!" She softly exclaimed to me in honest admittance while in the act, after coping with the low withdrawn emotions of accepting a past "lover's" sexual, verbal and physical abuses over the painful numb course of several years of a relationship she still did not quite want to walk away from without trying to repair a relationship with herself and a man she thought would change for the better. Yet it got worse with black eye after black eye and the bruises to her gorgeous young body. Indeed, she is a healer also with the gifts of prayer; though that relationship was bound for nowhere.... Now, she is with me and in my heart forever and has emotionally been there, as I for her.
    Last night, she initiated by undressing me; and although she was not in the mood for it, we made love for the 4th time in 24 hours instead of her original intents of cuddling with me...both of us naked.... I couldn't help it. So I helped myself instead of holding back. And guess what?? It was some of the best sex she ever had as I went deep, held it there...went as far in as I could go, then rested with it almost all the way out while gently rocking it in part way and out slowly then quickly in varying rhythms and occasional hip rotations, nipple-and-neck biting, licking, sucking, squeezing and rubbing all while she rode atop of my tall thin body.
    No one can tell me sex is not a spiritual act when in the right moment with someone held special: especially not a fat short church-goer who tries to listen to a prosthletizing pimp poser known as far too many a preacher or minister or priest of a church trying to understand a bible written in "good" godly moments whose true existential and philosophical metaphors and emotional allegories and similes about healthily balanced androgynous relationships with oneself and the opposite sex bringing us closer to those intersecting cosigning moments that align us with the German word for "good" (God) stream all throughout "religious" texts and the bible's books starting with the book of genesis; a great book whose true meanings have been lost amongst the artifacts, antiques, and tombs and buildings destroyed by earlier men to hide the truth and make their OWN self-serving "truths" that enslaved us. That's why most contemporary churches and mosques are not for me. All religions were basically stating the same truths! It's us fools who misinterpreted and take this scripture literally that gets us into warring trouble and more personal, professional and relationship problems thru lack of understanding.

  2. ...(CONT.)... "I can't wait to grow old with you," she admitted to me while lying there after our sexual healing session wherein I stopped because she was growing limp and tired, and I still had not cum in that hour since I am saving my immaculated "pregnant" sperm to bear a son in 2019.
    " Why do you say that?" I inquired softly near her loving ear.
    "i think we will be a funny couple?"
    "Funny? How so?" I asked.
    "Do you think you will still be walking when you're old and grey?" She responded
    "We are all energy. This body is a shell. Yet energy (us) transcends and transfers yet can never disappear. And so maybe when we are on the other side, it would really be nice to be with you forever." I mentioned.
    "We CAN be together then too." She sweetly replied.
    I honestly wasn't certain this will happen, knowledgeable of how sometime after dwelling in this physical body, we transfer to other life forms perhaps at birth and to even become extraterrestrials at times which I am not certain I can predict nor determine where or in what dimension, as of yet....Though I was hoping it was true for us two.... I luv you!
    ...And this is why I am producing a book that enpages photo collages of a model with architecture and graffiti and paintings entitled, "The Unholed Bible" with a description upon the back in one word: "antislavery" that will reveal much of the truths I am finding out thru YouTube videos and mystic books and philosophical books about the metaphors and similes and allegories within the Christian bible and labels and buddhism, and many other texts and practices such as yoga and tai chi!
    I offer you to visit my online museum at and call me for a copy of my book and many other books of eye-opening poetry and spiritual satires at 847.722.5552 JASON the "Artkitect" of HUMAN CONDITION PRODUCTIONS --PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHER/CREATIVE PRODUCER/DESIGNER/POETIC AUTHOR


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