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What if I had the answer to all your problems? What if I had a way for you to truly be happy? To have the job you’ve always wanted. To find the love of your life and have the relationship you’ve only dreamed about. What if you could have the wealth that you’ve always wanted and not have to sacrifice the peace at home you desperately need? What if I could give you the invaluable courage to pursue the dreams and visions you’ve been afraid of? Does this sound too good to be true? But I’m sure I’ve got your attention. This new column is going to address seven areas of your life:

 1. Home Life
2. Relationships
3. Health/Fitness
4. Finances
5. Career/Life Purpose
6. Spirituality
7. And last but not least, Sexuality

I have one word that I want you to meditate on as we embark on this journey together. Balance. It’s the one thing that can give you the happiness and contentment in all areas of your life that you so desire. At the end of the day no one ever says I spent too much time with my fam…