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Please join me live on the MJWJ Global Radio Network Sundays 10 am to 11 am CST for the Tell It To Venus Radio Show.

Sunday, May 18th will be our premiere show. Join me for the conversation. Call in: 1.800.970.8716

As a toddler Veela aka Venus had the nickname of “Popsicle.” She earned the name because her Mother had a gospel radio program called “Echoes of Grace” and was usually in the booth with her. The only way to keep Veela quiet during the show was to feed her popsicles. She was destined to be on the radio.

Veela is a writer, teacher and entertainer. In 2010 Veela began her blog Tell It To Venus as a cathartic way to relieve stress and share life experiences. The blog touches on everything from personal experiences to social commentary. Many have thought that what she shares is too personal. “If I can save anyone some heartache sharing my experiences then it was well worth it.” –Veela

Veela has performed on stage and taught over 1,500 students in acting/modeling. She …