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Dear Venus:

I have been divorced for many years and have recently started dating a guy who is younger than my youngest child. I’m no spring chicken, but I take care of myself and younger men always approach me. I am attracted to younger men and like the attention. My ex-husband was older than me and never showed me much attention. We never had much romance and towards the end it became a sexless marriage. I later found out that he was seeing someone he worked with who was quite a bit younger than him.

I haven’t done a lot of dating since my divorce 5 years ago, but I was at a club with some friends and met my honey for the first time. When he came to our table I was surprised he asked me over my friends to dance. They’re all very attractive and most of my girlfriends are younger than me. I sometimes go out with my daughter and her friends. We have a lot of mutual friends. I wasn’t with my daughter the day I met him, but our mutual friends were quick to tell my daughter about my n…