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Vulnerability is Strength

Whether in business or personal relationships; we are taught early on to mask our feelings. Never let them see you sweat. –Is the mantra and credo that we all adhere to in our daily lives. You would never reveal your true displeasure in the boardroom. When you see something that is morally opposed to all you believe in you say nothing.

I talk to my friends all the time about what’s really going on with them. Not the polite chit-chatter that we know by rote, but the inertia that is real life. Most stuff isn’t pretty and you can’t wrap it in a pretty box. It’s funny what people will tell you if you’re just willing to listen. I’ve heard some stories that will break your heart and others that made me laugh. Not because they were so funny, but the absurdity was so much that it was better to laugh than cry.

We go through life with blinders on pretending not to notice those who are hurting. How many times have you turned a blind-eye to those who were right in front of you? I’m not ta…