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I have met and connected with people I would not otherwise meet all due to social media. I have had conversations with people all over the world! How cool is that? I have developed friendships that I truly cherish. There are some people I have met because of a commonality we share. Others I will be meeting this year because of business and personal crusades that we share. I have even had conversations with some people I’ve met online where it required me to quickly decipher what language they were writing and utilize Google Translator to continue the conversation. I treasure the friends I have gained through social media, and cherish those I’ve been able to continue with as a result.

I did however; have an incident occur today that surprised me. I proposed a question that I felt was innocent due to a hypothetical question posed to me by my daughter. We watched two Dutchmen conduct an experiment to simulate the type of pain women experience in childbirth. My question was as stated …