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Discover gender inaccuracies to see your guy in a new light By Brendan Tapley

What makes a man? The mythology surrounding this question still looms large. So much so that men often experience a hidden battle: whether their decisions should be self-determined or dictated by how masculine they will seem to others. Do I let my wife know how much something is bothering me or will that come across as not being in control? Do I speak my mind at work or does that risk being seen as too emotional? If I take a stand on a principle that bucks the boys’ club, will I lose status? Luckily, women can be strong advocates for change by encouraging men to evolve and expand beyond the stereotypes. Take a look at the 10 biggest falsehoods about men that, when debunked, can lead us to true masculinity.

Myth #1: Men Are Not Emotional This may come as a surprise, but men are probably more emotional than women. How is this possible? Unlike femininity, masculinity doesn’t permit emoting on a regular …


Before I delve into my thoughts and opinions; let me start by saying that relationships should be a place of rest, acceptance, and not a place of fear. They should be our refuge. A place we reveal our true selves to one another and enjoy true intimacy that reveals our soul’s identity. So many of us have become tattered and torn from previous relationships. Imperfect parents. Imperfect past experiences. All culminating to where we are. How did we completely separate sexuality from spirituality?

We can’t have a healthy spirituality and healthy relationships without a healthy sexuality. Sexuality is about our relationship to ourselves and how we relate to one another as men and women; both physically and emotionally. Our relationship with ourselves goes beyond our genitals to every aspect of our lives; from our body and mind to how others relate to us as a physical and spiritual being. We have to reconcile the spiritual and sexual to enjoy a healthy relationship. It sets us apart yet b…