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1. Never let your tracks show (self-explanatory)

2. Always travel with your weave glue (or hair pins in case a track falls out)

3. Always pat your head when it’s itchy (patting won’t pull out the tracks or make your hair messy)

4. Never lie and say “it’s all mine.”

5. Never make your weave too greasy (there’s nothing worse than a greasy weave, believe me)

6. Always travel with your brush (Weave gets frizzy. Gotta keep it looking lush)

7. This rule is so overrated: keep your Remy and Yaki completely separated

8. Gel down your edges if they’re nappy (weave and nappy roots — that’s just tacky)

9. Nine should’ve been number 1 to me; ALWAYS know when to take out your weave!

10. Buy a wig just in case. If your hair is looking rough, put on a wig to cover it up.

*Source: @Urbancomedynet


People ask me why I haven’t married again. Why are you still single? I have not made being in a relationship a priority; something I think has to take place for it to happen. Right now it’s just not my focus. This has been the first time in my life that I’m not in a relationship or dating someone for a significant amount of time. A position I had never foreseen. When did being in a relationship become last on the list? Not really sure. Maybe it was when my business took a financial hit that left me and my best friend and business partner devastated. Maybe it happened when my Mother’s health began failing and she needed me. Or it could be getting through this tough year of residency with my daughter?

No one told me that I wouldn’t meet someone who would be a help to me, but my pride and independence just don’t see it. The only one who can get me through this challenging time is GOD HIMSELF. It is my faith that I stand on. It is the prayers of my Mother that keep me focused. It is i…


I don’t claim to be an historian, but if we don’t learn from our history we will inevitably repeat it. Many of us take for granted our right to vote. We’ve forgotten our history. Yes Lincoln freed the slaves, but it wasn’t until 1870 the 15th Amendment was made official and allowed voting, overriding earlier laws that prohibited Black voters. Some Blacks were also appointed to elected positions.

As expected many southern states resisted this legislation and denied Blacks their voting rights. This went on for many years. Congress created Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and the Commission on Civil Rights in 1957, but there still was no relief. In 1960, a law allowed federal courts to appoint voting referees to oversee voter registration after claims of discrimination. In 1964, some provisions were made but the literacy tests, poll taxes, and other agenda-laden practices were allowed to remain in place.

Bloody Sunday marked a day of tragedy. Law enforcement office…


It’s not easy being a black man in today’s society. It ain’t easy being a woman either. We are expected to be strong, independent, and the breadwinner. Not an easy task for anyone. Because there are so many single-parent homes now headed by women we’ve began to take on roles we didn’t choose. There is confusion in our roles. You’ve got mama’s boys that are now living this entitled life. Why? You have female dominated homes where their mother has raised them with this sense of entitlement. There are young women who have little respect for men due to the lack of interaction with their fathers. If you haven’t been raised by a man how would you possible recognize him?

There was an incident in Ohio that received massive media attention and made me contemplate why any young woman would have the audacity to mistreat a man and not fear retribution. This young woman went on the attack without cause. It wasn’t about the bus driver. I believe there was hostility towards men in general that sh…


If we use the term in a derogatory manner then how can it inexplicably be a term of endearment? Blessings and curses can’t come out of the same mouth. One minute I’m touting what a “bad bitch” you are the next I’m just calling you a bitch. Something is missing in translation.

We have heard women greet each other with this phrase as if it’s normal salutation. We treat this greeting as if we said, “Hello.”, or “Good to see you.”

When this becomes the norm we’ve crossed a line. Or is it just a cry that our vocabulary needs to improve? We’ve been told that using profanity is a sign of a lack of an extensive vocabulary. You remember. You’ve heard your mother and grandparents tell you this time and time again. Simple truth in an old wives’ tell.

We continually degrade each other as if there’s humor in calling each other names. I’ve even done it in my own family. Whatever we were fixated on became the running joke. For example we were calling each other names like ice cream ho, video ga…