Anybody can be a ho. I promise you that. We all like to cover it up, but we all can stink. Perfume doesn’t cover it up; only it makes it fouler. 1.Church Ho: Believes that because they come to church Sunday morning they’re saved. Usually they have on the same outfit they had on at the club last night. Sorry girl. Just because you met him at church doesn’t mean GOD excuses you sleeping with him the first night. 2.Preacher Ho: Since I’m on the subject I might as well go there. lol This is one of my favorites. GOD rest his soul; my Daddy was one of those. He slept with everyone woman in his church, married; single, divorced…didn’t matter. Daddy had women chasing after him and he ALWAYS let them catch him. He even had married women telling their husbands that it was okay because he was their pastor. 3.Deacon Ho: Every Sunday my Mother use to play for a certain church and the first row of deacons couldn’t wait until she sat down at the piano. Okay so Mommy had a tendency to wear splits, but I’m just saying. You could always tell when Mommy got to the piano. Their necks turned so hard it’s amazing they didn't get stuck. 4.International Ho: I love this one. A male friend said, “Have ass will travel.” Lol…he meant that. He literally meant he would travel anywhere for a some pu%$%. Sorry to be so crude. Love him dearly, but he figures it’s classier if he’ll travel on a plane to sleep around. The reason I call them an "International Ho" is the fact that another good friend has been known to meet women in other countries for a piece of ass. He’s even convinced them to buy the ticket. Dang! People are that desperate? 5.Facebook Ho: You know who you are. Sorry to step on some toes. If you are trying to holler on Facebook through comments or inbox; you’re a Facebook ho. Facebook is to network, meet new friends, and connect with old ones. Sorry boo, it’s not a dating website. 6.Internet Ho: You use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any social media to try to hook up. Pitiful. 7.Business Ho: “Yeah, we’d love to use your services. Why don’t we exchange numbers so we can connect? Love to do business with you.” The pickup lines go on and on. I’ve been complimented. Offered positions. Coerced, bribed and tricked into believing men wanted to do business only to find out that they could care less about us doing business. I’ve even had men offer to fly me around the world on the pretense of offering me a client contract. “Have ass won’t travel.” lol (Career Ho: This could apply to people in corporate America or even celebrities. There is a well-known celebrity who is known for sleeping with anyone and everyone for an opportunity. She no longer sleeps around, but she did to get her career started.) 8.Relationship Ho: Here’s another pitiful example of desperation. Men and women who will sleep with someone they don’t know in hopes that this will create some type of commitment. Sleeping together doesn’t make a relationship. Women feel sex makes a commitment. Men figure we’ll like it so much that we won’t be able to do without them. Nobody is that good. 9.Married Ho: Man or woman it doesn’t matter. Somehow they feel immune to any moral standards. Case in point; I slept with my former fiancé not knowing he was getting married the next day. I’ve heard the unhappy stories too many times. No they’re NEVER going to leave their husband or wife. If you’re waiting you’ll be waiting a long time. 10.The Optimistic Ho: Somehow these are the ones that think that their love making skills are the bomb! They’re going to lay it on you so tough that they’ll want to be with them FOREVER. Yeah right. lol Nobody can use their body to gain the heart of someone else. Just doesn’t work that way. Love yourself. Everyone sees their definition of “ho” differently. I see it as a man or woman who has lost sight of what’s most important. Seek GOD first and all those things shall be added unto you. Yes, I’m paraphrasing the Scripture, but I speak the TRUTH. You don’t have to compromise your beliefs, your body, your money, or even your mind to be with someone. Learn to love you and learn how to be content with you before you try to be with someone else. If you don’t you might end up hoing yourself for all the wrong reasons. Actually there is never a good reason. SAVE MONEY AND MAKE MONEY!


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