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Anybody can be a ho. I promise you that. We all like to cover it up, but we all can stink. Perfume doesn’t cover it up; only it makes it fouler. 1.Church Ho: Believes that because they come to church Sunday morning they’re saved. Usually they have on the same outfit they had on at the club last night. Sorry girl. Just because you met him at church doesn’t mean GOD excuses you sleeping with him the first night. 2.Preacher Ho: Since I’m on the subject I might as well go there. lol This is one of my favorites. GOD rest his soul; my Daddy was one of those. He slept with everyone woman in his church, married; single, divorced…didn’t matter. Daddy had women chasing after him and he ALWAYS let them catch him. He even had married women telling their husbands that it was okay because he was their pastor. 3.Deacon Ho: Every Sunday my Mother use to play for a certain church and the first row of deacons couldn’t wait until she sat down at the piano. Okay so Mommy had a tendency to w…

WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE?! by Sheryl Felecia Means

"African American, African, Arab, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Columbian, Egyptian, South American, East Indian, Saudi… I have news for you; when people see color we are all the same. They don't distinguish us being one nationality or another. To the world we're the same. If that's how we appear and how we're treated then, why don't we come together? How powerful would we be if people of color united?" - Venus

It was Toni Morrison who shed a modern day light on a late nineteenth century issue when she said, “In this country, American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.” This concept, basic though it may seem, resonates with old sentiments that are taken for granted today.

The handle “Hyphenated American” first originated between 1890 and 1920 as a way to simultaneously identify and denigrate American citizens of foreign origin. By the year 1904, it was considered a wholly derogatory term and those who hyphenated by placing their country or continent…


“I don’t have any one in my family dealing with that.”
“That’s not my sister.”
“She’s not my Mother.”
“It doesn’t affect me.”
“Well, I don’t know anyone like that.”
“That doesn’t happen to men!”
“That would NEVER happen to me.”

We live in a rather apathetic world. If it doesn’t affect you or someone you love you could care less! It’s always someone else’s problem. AIDS….someone else’s problem, cancer is someone else’s problem, domestic violence is someone else’s problem, poverty is someone else’s problem, lack of education is always someone else’s problem. “I got mine!” Haven’t you ever heard someone say that? I have.

“That’s her problem. I don’t like to get involved.”

First Scenario: Woman falls deep in love. She meets this man at church. She’s been raised that you don’t dare have sex before marriage. Not even a consideration. They date and it’s a big deal. She’s the perfect candidate as First Lady of the church. He’s an up and coming young preacher. I know I haven’t gotten to the “H…