Rarely have I met or connected with people who have shown such tremendous kindness to me. How do you thank someone who loves on you and has prayed with you in the midst of their own struggle? The Blacketts have prayed with me, checked on me, loved on me while faithfully taking care of their beautiful Nia. I don’t have any words right now, but I just wanted to say how much I love their family, and thank them for being a part of mine. It is a blessing to have a good child. We know Wendy and Terence are blessed.

Nia* is an amazing daughter, sister, friend and overall a fascinating human being. Originally born in Barbados to a British Dad and Bajan Mom, she moved to the UK in 1996 where she attended state school and college – winning many awards for engineering projects. After embarking on a (4) year Computer Science degree @ the University of Essex - she finished Uni and moved to London for a couple of years in search of work and social activity.

Like most young people living away from home, Nia* realized the creature comforts of home and subsequently moved back in 2004, where she took an IT job with a NHS subsidiary working in partnership with the North Essex NHS Trust providing IT diagnostics to GP surgeries. She has held this job now for the last 8 years, climbing to Manager for the Help Desk where she started out as a part time agency worker.

In November 2009, Nia* began getting really bad headaches and blurred vision. After what was a lengthy consultation with her GP, an MRI scan was conducted around 20th December 2009. The scan revealed a 7cm mass on the right frontal lobe of her brain. Within 2 weeks of the results, she was admitted to hospital and had major brain surgery on January 19th 2010.
Due to the nature of the tumour (Gangliogliomas), the surgeons could only excise a small percentage – so after 10 days she was sent home. Three weeks later, she ended up in hospital again – this time with a major infection along the sutures of the incision where cerebral spinal began to leak. This complication arose due to a laceration on one of the ventricles. As a result, she was rushed to surgery where the bone from her skull had to be removed because of the infection.

Surgery number # (3) was scheduled and an external ventricular drain was put in the back of her head and a broad spectrum course of antibiotics were administered daily for (7) weeks. By this time, an interdisciplinary team in concert with the neurosurgeons decided on putting the shunt on the inside of her head that would allow the cerebral-spinal fluid to move around her brain properly.

As the old clichĂ© says - “whatever can go wrong” – applied in Nia’s case. Within 2 weeks of going home - the new high-tech programmable shunt became blocked and she began to lose cognitive functions, became incontinent and started sleeping a lot. She ended up back in hospital to have more antibiotic treatment and the scheduling of another surgery. This time the neurosurgeons decided to put in an extra shunt on the left hemispheric ventricle – so if one failed, she would still have the use of the other.
After another protracted stay in hospital, she was eventually discharged in May 2010. The hospital put in place for her to have a district nurse visit twice a day to dress and bandage her 3 incisions – with the principle incision being given top priority as this was the one which did not want to heal. Thank God, it eventually did!

Nia* eventually went back to work. It was an immeasurable joy to see her drive her car which she had bought just prior to her initial diagnosis in December 2009 (having never had the chance to drive it) but was now able to resume some normality.

So from late summer 2010, Nia* was gradually weaned back into the work routine – starting with (2) hours a day until she was able to undertake full hours, duties and responsibilities.

And for almost a year, Nia’s life went back to normal. She took regular trips to Sweden, Italy, Holland and France with her friends and was even planning for a trip to the USA and Canada. Then, in early September, she was scheduled for another MRI scan to see the condition of the tumour. It was discovered that it had grown and was behaving rather aggressively. Up to that point, there was nothing visibly wrong with Nia*. Within days of the MRI scan, Nia* began to suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome. In the months that followed up to now, her condition has been a mixed bag of blessings. Some days are great and others are very challenging. She has suffered incontinence, mental fog, pressure headaches, vomiting and petit seizures. Thank God, hope still rises in the face of someone who bears a smile regardless of her challenges.

The doctors have concluded that because of the inoperable nature of the tumour – it would be best for her to have radiotherapy (which has no real guarantees). However, it was felt that a look at complimentary or alternative treatment plans had to be a viable option for her as she has already been through so much as a result of hospitalization and the effects of radiation would be too harsh.

So we took her for a Ortho-Molecular & Cannabinoid Therapy treatment program in British Columbia, Canada from January 2012 till Late April 2012. A dear friend’s daughter had successfully been cured from Stage 4 astrocytoma brain cancer (having been given terminal status at the end of March last year and should have died within (6) months). Her Dad invited us to bring Nia* to Canada for the treatment and we agreed that in her best interest – any NON-invasive treatment with a high probability of success would be a wise course of action.

As soon as NIA* arrived in Canada, she became deathly ill. She vomited for [6] weeks. She was constipated for an entire month and we had to administer enemas in order to free her up. She lost half of her body weight (having been only 8 and a half stone at her physical peak). She was so frail that a naturopath doctor in Canada could not even find her pulse and suggested we take her to the hospital. Thankfully, another naturopath doctor (Dr. Raj gave her a vitamin B shot and it revived her with much prayer).
It was a major struggle getting food into her – not only due to her constant nausea but all of her symptoms were that of a child given that the nature of the tumor which is a childhood lesion on the right frontal lobe is asymptomatic of epilepsy in kids.

While in Canada, there were several symptoms such as Bell palsy; puritis; intracranial pressure which resulted in a raised incision along the temporal lobe; tremors and shaking because of a compromised nervous system; dysphasia & dysphagia especially in terms in of drinking “WATER” and slurred speech; severe constipation; atrophied leg muscles due to inactivity; skin rash from neck & shoulders down to the lower torso – these were the most notable and visible symptoms we were able to pinpoint during those troubling days.

In March, after administering MEGA* doses of CANNABIS OIL* in conjunction with high doses of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other homeopathic medicines NIA* miraculously turned a providential corner and on April 2nd and was able to spend her 30th birthday on the 6th outside of the hotel room where we stayed while in Canada. She even had a surprise party prepared by a friend we met while in the hotel.

Since then until now, we have continued to work with NIA* who is due an MRI Scan and a neurosurgeon consultant visit on the 27th July. We believe that NIA’s* vegan DIET* for about [4] years and since then her strict ortho-molecular vegetarian lifestyle has helped her in more ways than one. NIA* has never smoked. She does not use any alcohol or DRUGS*. She does a [6] months DETOX* program twice a year for [5] days at a time – drinking only pure water and freshly pressed organic fruit & VEG* along with herbs for parasite and liver cleansers; She is still a “VIRGIN” and has managed to be very a balanced young woman throughout her life. She is an active roller-skater and does archery. Her lifestyle ethos was to always try to maintain a very alkaline body hence the hundreds of dollars she spent on quality supplements from the US.

NIA* grew up in the church but like most of our young [people] who struggle with organized religion even though they maintain a modicum of personal faith. Overall, she is a parent’s perfect kid even as a grown woman – not giving us a day of trouble since she was born. Her mother and I thank GOD* for the person that she is and that is why we have sacrificed so much to give her the best quality of life we can at this stage of her life.
We know that the GOD* of Heaven is the ONLY ONE* who sees and knows and “LIFE” and length of days are absolutely in HIS* Hands!

Yours in CHRIST*


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