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Rarely have I met or connected with people who have shown such tremendous kindness to me. How do you thank someone who loves on you and has prayed with you in the midst of their own struggle? The Blacketts have prayed with me, checked on me, loved on me while faithfully taking care of their beautiful Nia. I don’t have any words right now, but I just wanted to say how much I love their family, and thank them for being a part of mine. It is a blessing to have a good child. We know Wendy and Terence are blessed.

Nia* is an amazing daughter, sister, friend and overall a fascinating human being. Originally born in Barbados to a British Dad and Bajan Mom, she moved to the UK in 1996 where she attended state school and college – winning many awards for engineering projects. After embarking on a (4) year Computer Science degree @ the University of Essex - she finished Uni and moved to London for a couple of years in search of work and social activity.

Like most young people living away from h…


"Women are taught to play games and be coy. So no you won't get a direct answer. We are complicated. Hard to figure us out when most don't know themselves." ~ Veela aka Venus (Facebook status)

My first book, "Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking" and my second paperback, "Upfront and Straightforward: Let the Manipulative Game Players Know What You're REALLY Thinking" were motivated by the first two of your four comments in your status.

To be fair, men engage in and employ manipulative "head games" too, so it's not exclusively women who are manipulative. How does one know when they are dealing with a person who is manipulative and into 'head games'?

1) Manipulative people like to use vague, ambiguous, and enigmatic language;
2) Manipulative people do not like to give direct, straight-to-the-point responses; They do not like to say, "Yes, I am interested in XYZ," or "No, I am not inter…


I know this posting is going to strike a nerve with a lot of people. If you never read my postings again because of it I understand. Don’t get me wrong. I have been a faithful viewer of The Oprah Show for years. I remember when she had an afro and it was A.M. Chicago. Oprah is one to be admired. She has worked diligently to build her career. As she began her spiritual journey we traveled the path with her. But many of you have given her a place in your life that only GOD deserves. Many have selective memory. You’ve obviously forgotten a time when Oprah wouldn’t acknowledge GOD and would say things like a “Higher Being” or a “Higher Power.” But she didn’t say GOD.

Listen I’m not knocking her. When we know better we do better. Part of it I attribute to not being evolved enough to give credit where credit is due. The other side is the skeptic that says she wouldn’t say or acknowledge GOD for fear of retribution from her audience; which we all know is primarily white women. Believe me; s…


Those are three words that can kill or begin a relationship. Some relationships end because they’re not having sex while others begin because all they do is have sex. Too many people equate sex with love. For most women we see sex as a sign of commitment. For other others it means absolutely nothing, but getting off in that moment. Are people still having sex on the first date? Even in the wake of HIV/AIDS, STDS, and things I can’t pronounce; people are still having unprotected sex. Why? I don’t pretend to know the answer. I do know everyone wants to feel wanted and loved and sex does release those endorphins that make us feel loved.

As a woman and entrepreneur mistakenly my sisters before me have used it in trade. Why else would a businessman have the audacity to ask me for sex as part of their incentive package? You have no idea how disgusting I find that. Speaking about it I need a shower. There’s not enough money in the world! Just like pork bellies and oil are traded on the ope…