I didn’t write the original article, but agree with 90% of the advice. I couldn’t find the original writer to give them the credit they deserve. Fellas you can thank me later.

We as women, have a tendency to push a man's buttons in the beginning of relationships. We think that everything is going fine and all of a sudden, we find ourselves asking "What did I do wrong?" Usually by the time we reach this point in the relationship, the men are trying to avoid answering any questions that we ask them. So how do we avoid this situation? How do we find out what we are doing wrong? This article will discuss the mistakes that women tend to make with their men in the beginning of a relationship.

1 Stop calling and texting him all of the time. Look, men know that it is their responsibility to call you. If he wants to talk to you, he will call you. If he doesn't call, move on. If you call over and over and over, you will only annoy him and there is no turning back from there. It may be hard to fight the urge, but the pay off is worth it.

2 Stop trying to get him to talk about his feelings. Even when you are snuggled up together on the couch, and you are dying to talk about your relationship and find out exactly where you stand in his world, don't. Men are more action oriented when it comes to showing love, he is snuggling with you because that is his way of showing you that you are special and that he cares about you. If you insist that he talk about his feelings, you will soon find him moving away from you and your snuggling session will be over. And don’t use that loving making session as the time to have a heart to heart.

3 Do not ask questions about his past girlfriends. One or two questions about why they broke up is ok, you have a right to know if he became obsessive and stalked her. Asking too many questions can lead to all sorts of problems including reconciliation. If you get him to think about all the good times they had together, he may be the one that he calls tomorrow. You don’t really want him to be all involved in your past. When you dig up dirt you tend to get dirty.

4 Stop babbling. Check yourself often to see if you have been going on and on. Men usually will listen for a while, but when you start going on and on about how you dress up your dog for Halloween, you will quickly loose his attention. Ladies some of you just like to hear yourself talk. Sorry, you’re not that interesting. He’s like everyone else; he wants to talk about himself. Show interest without invading his privacy. He’ll tell you what he wants you to know.

5 Don't cry! It is okay if you are watching a sad movie together, but if you are crying because he forgot to kiss you goodbye, at least don't let him know. This will run him off very fast. Crying shows vulnerability, but make sure you don’t come off weak. When he sees you cry it shouldn’t be something trivial that makes him wonder what he’s gotten himself into.

6 Don't look so available. If you have gone out a few times, the next time he asks you, say you have plans but you would love to some other time. He will not forget about you or give up on asking you out because you have a life of your own, actually men like when women have their own lives. Men like the chase. Give him a reason to pursue.

7 Stop with the 6 page letters. At least wait until you have been together at least a year before you start pouring your heart out to him. It is hard for a man to deal with, and it makes them very uncomfortable if they do not feel the same way. Go ahead and get them a birthday card, or a funny card, just don't write a novel inside of it, simply sign your name. The quickest way to make a guy run is to declare your love when you’ve only known him a short time. If you say it too quickly he’ll think you tell everyone you date.

8 Don't leave stuff at his house unless he tells you that you can. This usually freaks a man out and makes it seem like you are moving way too fast. Unless he actually says, "You can just leave that here," make sure you have everything that you came with when you leave. . If you leave things to put another woman on notice you might be the one being put on notice to not come over again. Understand the boundaries of the relationship. Just because you are exclusive doesn’t mean he has the same understanding.

9 Never show up at his work unless asked! Don't surprise him for lunch, or call him at work, this seems like you are stalking him. It is just a bad idea. I don’t even have to paint a picture as to why this is a bad idea on so many levels.

10 Don't bring up marriage, and your hopes for 10 kids, a big house and 2 dogs. If he asks, don't tell him about the dress you have picked out for your wedding and that you already have everything planed out. You can play around with the topic but keep the conversation fun and not serious. You really could scare a man off very quickly with this topic. If he’s interested in marriage you’ll know. When men make up their minds about marriage they beat us to the alter. They know if you’re the one.

These are the top 10 mistakes that women keep making over and over again. The most important thing that you can remember is that all men are different, and they are on a completely different wave link than women. The best thing that you can do is to make sure you and he are both having fun and enjoying yourselves. He will open up when he is ready.


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