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I didn’t write the original article, but agree with 90% of the advice. I couldn’t find the original writer to give them the credit they deserve. Fellas you can thank me later.

We as women, have a tendency to push a man's buttons in the beginning of relationships. We think that everything is going fine and all of a sudden, we find ourselves asking "What did I do wrong?" Usually by the time we reach this point in the relationship, the men are trying to avoid answering any questions that we ask them. So how do we avoid this situation? How do we find out what we are doing wrong? This article will discuss the mistakes that women tend to make with their men in the beginning of a relationship.

1 Stop calling and texting him all of the time. Look, men know that it is their responsibility to call you. If he wants to talk to you, he will call you. If he doesn't call, move on. If you call over and over and over, you will only annoy him and there is no turning back from there. …


Some the most profound times in my life have been when GOD has said No. I was devastated not knowing HIS plan for me or that HE had better for me. It's not in the victory that we find ourselves, but the strength we find in our struggle. I have found that I am so much stronger and resilient than I ever knew. Not that I don't want prosperity, but some of my happiest times came when I had nothing. It didn't costs me a dime. When I've had I have appreciated that much more because I remember when I didn't have it. Gratitude can certainly determine your attitude. Be grateful. You may not have everything you want, but you're blessed to be here. And you're certainly blessed to even have the opportunity. Your gratitude could help establish an higher altitude.

"I am not ashamed of my scars. They are proof that I've been healed." ~W. Hutchison


A.D.E.D was incorporated in 1999 and is presently in a redevelopment stage. A.D.E.D can best be described as a family-owned and operated company that specializes in designing, manufacturing, marketing and wholesaling high-quality innovative apparel targeted at fashion-conscious men. It offers garment decoration services, design services and an urban/street wear fashion line of its own called Savior Sol. Since its inception, A.D.E.D has sought to develop creative ways to leverage its resources. In 2007, A.D.E.D decided to focus its marketing, sales, and distribution efforts exclusively in the Chicago Metropolitan and surrounding suburban areas. By doing so, A.D.E.D has been able to develop a good customer base and secure a position within the Chicago Metropolitan Area as a high-quality, innovative company that creates value for its customers. It has served as contractor for several companies, aiding in their successes. It has provided garment decoration and design services for …


For those who know me; I don’t always have the words to say. I’ve found writing to be my way to say what I ordinarily could not. My heart is heavy this morning. Some people leave an indelible mark on your life, your heart. Moni found me when I posted something on my Facebook page that resulted in me being personally attacked. I think I said something flippant (we all know how I can be) like, “Jesus is my boyfriend.” I also added that I was tired of women using the church as an excuse and rationale for why they had no personal relationship. Why did I say that? This one woman told me I was going to hell and how horrible I was. It was so bad that she inspired the blog post WHY ARE YOU SO BITTER? Here comes Moni with her words of wisdom. Not only did she post a comment, but sent me a personal message of encouragement. I found my kindred spirit.

Some people you just like the moment you connect; she was one. I often quoted Moni and looked for her writings on Facebook. I was so inspired. Sh…