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As a P.K. (Preacher’s Kid) I use to look forward to the summer vacations with my Dad. I was always excited to spend time with him, but as I got older I realized there were things that I could get away with being with Daddy that Mommy would never tolerate. Most of this occurred during my teenage years. Daddy was so consumed with the church and the activities surrounding that he never knew exactly what I was doing with my friends.

Oh my GOD! The Baptist Convention was wild! I mean wild! We had classes and workshops we were suppose to attend while our Fathers were in meetings, but as soon as we could sneak back to the hotel pool we were ghost. Man that was fun. Everybody called themselves having a boyfriend or girlfriend. We weren’t the real action. Many of these Pastors attended the convention without their spouses. Or the wife would attend the last day or two. These men lost their minds. So did these “women of the church.” Just like the kids called themselves going together; the adult…


“Don’t believe the hype.” ~ Unknown

When they use a hologram to resurrect a rapper from the dead you know we’re in trouble. Remember this rapper has been dead over 15 years. People gladly paid money to see this hologram perform. I’ll do you one better; the reviews were great! This rapper was a poet. The very core of him was ahead of his time. He was a writer, rapper, producer, poet and actor. We’re digging up the dead because we’re now being bamboozled, and hoodwinked.

You can’t pee on me and tell me it’s raining, but that’s what’s happening to the American public. When you have a family that has parlayed themselves into millionaires and the talent is non-existent between them; Houston we have a problem. I’ll be honest; I’ve contributed to the travesty. I’ve watched the train wrecks like Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, and even the talk shows that purport themselves as the family fix, all done within an hour with commercial breaks. We all contribute to the nonsense. Why don’t we sh…


What would you do to get that precious wedding ring? Would you put out or hold back? Be the “good girl” or the “saucy siren”? We laugh about people sending their representative and then the real person shows up when you think you’ve got them. So you don’t want to be the “baby mama”, but you realize now that a child was no guarantee that he would make you his wife. Okay so let’s go back to the playbook. How about the ultimatum? That’s a sure way to lose him. Who told us this stupid stuff? I’m sorry, but not every man is the same and every woman is different. You can’t follow a set of rules and instructions to win the game and that coveted ring. This is not a sports event. And it’s not about strategy and who scores the most points.

The “Battle of the Sexes” is alive and well. Everyone is trying to one-up each other. I’m competing with other women for some guy’s attention. Even the people I consider friends are competing against me for some random guy’s attention. The guys want to…


Where do I start? What I’m about to do is list every myth, every misconception, every racist rant I’ve been privy to hear. Some I’ve experienced, others I’ve only heard about. There’s so many I’m not sure how long this list will be. If you have something to add please do. By acknowledging the ignorance we can dispel the myths and look at each other in a different light.

1. All people of color are black.
2. If you’re black you live in the ghetto.
3. People who are black are poor.
4. We are uneducated. We don’t have college degrees or pursue professional careers.
5. We call each other nigger as a term of endearment.
6. We don’t live in two-parent homes.
7. We all have bad credit.
8. Black men are in jail or violent.
9. Our role models are pimps and drug dealers.
10. If you see a black woman who takes care of herself she’s a video vixen, prostitute, or golddigger.
11. All black people can sing and dance.
12. All black men and women are good in sports.
13. If you’re black you only like H…


I was contemplating how women have been penalized for showing any of the above characteristics. Let’s be real, sex sells! If that were not true the porn industry wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar business. In music you no longer have to have talent; if you have a highly sexualized image you can sell records. As a woman, women emulate you and men fantasize about being with you. There are women who have created careers based on their sexual prowess, there’s Superhead, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and those we pretend we have no knowledge of. When starlets are leaking naked pictures of themselves to blogs and mainstream media we should get the hint. Sex sells!!!

We pretend we’re more interested in talent, but even the most talented have reinvented themselves to be accepted and have a career. Those on top desperately struggle to maintain the facade. No one wakes up, goes to the grocery store, or even delivers a baby looking like they just fucked. Yeah, I said it. Making love, sex, in…


Diamond: “It's bitches like you who make it harder for women like me.”
Diamond: “Make the money, don't let it make you.” (The Player’s Club – movie)

“Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a sport for black men. Golf is a sport for white men dressed like black pimps.” Tiger Woods

“Corporate American ain’t nothin’, but a pimp and a ho game.” Unknown

Take it for what it’s worth. I heard about this book a few years ago by Ken Ivy aka Pimpin’ Ken. I have yet to have the opportunity to read it. Unfortunately, I feel the one that’s being prostituted the most is the American people. The media, our government, our politicians, and even our preachers have been pimping us for years; excuse me make that centuries. Tell me if you can truly disagree? We’re all being used in some capacity. Now if we can only learn the game.

Here are the 48 Laws of Pimping from Pimpin’ Ken:
1. Purse First, Ass Last
2. Get a Name in a Game
3. Don’t Chase ‘Em, Replace ‘Em
4. Keep a Ho in Arrears
5. Pr…