Where do I begin? There’s nothing that we didn’t experience or go through in this past year, all of us. Let’s start at the beginning. The American economy was in recession, but we didn’t dare use the word depression. Let’s face it; we were in an economic depression. Many of us were unemployed for the first time. A lot of companies went belly-up. People who thought they would retire from their respective companies had a rude awakening. Many employees lost their pensions or were told they were not even getting their last paycheck, not even a severance package. So many people became displaced. What do you do when you’ve been trained to do a certain job, or trained for a certain position, or obtained your degree to now work in a position that requires no formal education? None of us saw this coming.

I could recite the statistics, but that’s not the real news. More businesses were started in the last year than the previous years put together. That’s the praise report. How many of us would have had the audacity or the sheer courage to step out on faith and be our own boss? Things have truly changed. Most of us were raised to believe that an education would guarantee us any job we wanted. We were assured that we could have anything we wanted. That’s just how it worked. Now a lot of us have children graduating from college or in college, and the job-market is such that we have no answers for what they can expect. It’s doesn’t matter what their course of study is; nothing is guaranteed. My how things have changed in the world? We have to create our own opportunities or at least have a back-up plan.

Let’s talk about the housing market. A lot of us either lost so much equity in our homes that if we sold them it was at a loss. The housing market has been so volatile that many lost their homes to foreclosure. The upside is because of so many homes went into foreclosure people who wouldn’t ordinarily qualify for a home loan could now afford it. You know we’re in a crazy time when a mortgage payment is cheaper than renting an apartment. Some of us have experienced something we never planned for, eviction! Now you have generations living together in a single-family home; easier to do than being homeless. We are now faced with pulling our resources together or watching our parents lose the family home. A prospect few of us had ever anticipated.

Stress?!!! When did we become a society so stressed out that we medicate ourselves? We have more illness and addiction issues than ever before; the onset coming earlier and earlier. Drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, mental health, or lack thereof; take your pick. We don’t pray any more. A child is hyperactive or maybe just being a kid, we give them a pill. They’re diagnosed with having ADHD, autistic, bipolar, depressed, anxiety, behavior disorders, pick one. So now you have Mom and Dad who may drink too much or have issues with drugs; coupled with the children who are being medicated so no one has to deal with each other. The scary part is that we now have generations of addicts. Parents are crack addicts. Now the children are crackheads too.

Statistically we hear that there or so many single black women, but a lot of black people got married in 2011. Some were married for the second time, but there were a lot of weddings. In the creation of this new family there were couples that became first time home buyers. As a parent of a student obtaining her doctorate in pharmacy; it does my heart good to know that she has interviews for every residency program she applied. The possibilities are endless. As Christians we have experience GOD’S favor like never before. There is no other way to explain the phenomenal things that are happening. As difficult as it’s been for me and my business partner, things are turning around. We have an opportunity that would put us on the map globally. Some of us went from nearly being homeless to home owners. That’s nothing but GOD! There are children who have been delivered from addiction and now have a relationship with parents who themselves were previously addicted. GOD is healing our families. The enemy can discourage us, but look at GOD. “But He knows where I am going. And when HE tests me, I will come out as pure gold.” ~Job 23:10

I don’t have all the answers, but I know who holds the future. We can’t expect to live this life without things happening for one of two reasons. 1. Either for my good. (Read Romans 8) 2. Or for GOD’S glory. We wouldn’t have a testimony without a test. There’s no way you can appreciate the sun (Son) without the rain. Every living breathing thing requires the rain to grow, including us. 2011 was a year of transition and change. Change for the better. Everything that could go wrong all went wrong at one time, but through GOD’S grace we made it! Glory be to GOD!

*Article via www.prospersmagazine.com/

Veela Ammons is an entrepreneur and Life Coach who is currently working on her first book. Ms. Ammons can be contacted through: www.tellittovenus.blogspot.com and www.phoenixmediaproductionsinc.com, or directly at vfammons@gmail.com or (800)587-9707 0ffice



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