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Where do I begin? There’s nothing that we didn’t experience or go through in this past year, all of us. Let’s start at the beginning. The American economy was in recession, but we didn’t dare use the word depression. Let’s face it; we were in an economic depression. Many of us were unemployed for the first time. A lot of companies went belly-up. People who thought they would retire from their respective companies had a rude awakening. Many employees lost their pensions or were told they were not even getting their last paycheck, not even a severance package. So many people became displaced. What do you do when you’ve been trained to do a certain job, or trained for a certain position, or obtained your degree to now work in a position that requires no formal education? None of us saw this coming.

I could recite the statistics, but that’s not the real news. More businesses were started in the last year than the previous years put together. That’s the praise report. How many of us would…


“Love you first before you try to love someone else.” @Veela aka Venus (

Some of us are breaking under an insurmountable amount of pressure; pressure that we can’t explain nor understand. We have problems that we’ve never had before; problems that seem to have no solution. I have a name for this new daunting pressure, LIFE. Some of us are watching our heroes die like flies. We’ve often asked the question, “If they had everything and succumbed to the pressure what hope is there for me?” I can’t imagine nor even speculate the kind of pressure that a Michael Jackson or a Whitney Houston had to deal with on a regular basis. When did they get to be “normal”? With many gifts comes responsibility. “When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.” ~ Luke 12:48 (NLT)

I know you weren’t looking for me to say that, but I’m not going to lie to you. As I always say, truth hurts, but a lie…


Steve Harvey’s movie is coming out soon. I read ACT LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A MAN a few years ago, but I have to disagree with my brother. Just like a woman can’t tell you how to be a man; a man can’t tell you how to be a woman. GOD made us in HIS image. We were made from Adam’s rib so that man would not be alone. We weren’t meant to be alone. As I look back on what I read I see that Mr. Harvey mapped out a strategy. I never learned to play chess. Maybe if I was a chess player I could appreciate the map of a strategist. Don’t get me wrong. I am a sore loser. I don’t like to lose, but if love is a game I’d rather not play.

Years ago there was a book written by two white women called THE RULES. How is this completely different? He’s Black. Okay I get that. And he’s a man. So? So how does this help me? I’m glad to be a woman. What about a book addressing how to be the best woman I can be? When Steve Harvey can tell me about being a Black woman we can talk. Not every man is the same. N…


Years ago I use to take in crazy like people take in stray dogs. Your life was going nowhere? Aaaw poor baby, let me help you. You were having a pity party? Let me join in and help you feel sorry for yourself. NO MORE! Sorry baby that chapter is closed and so is the door. I am not desperate for a man or a friend. I never was. I heard something today that brought this to mind.

“Sometimes crazy can look like sad to suck you back in.”~ Big Bang Theory (Television Show)

Hallelujah! That was a freeing moment. Not that I didn’t already have the freedom, but it was the first time I acknowledged it. Are you delivered if you don’t recognize the deliverance from your past? You already know the answer. Most of you that read my writing realize most of my questions are rhetorical. This one is definitely in that category.


1. I will not waste time lying to myself. (The biggest lies you tell are the ones you tell yourself. Makes it harder to recognize someone else’s bullshit …