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As of 2011 there is no longer a disproportionate amount of women to men. If you investigate the African-American community your male to female ratio is no longer greatly divided. Although when you get into the 65 and older range the ratio is 3 to 1. We have long been under the ruse that African-American women outnumber eligible men by staggering numbers. No longer true. Is this part of the hidden animosity? Mathematically it’s impossible for there to be 70% single Black women, or 42% Black unmarried women. Tell me which one is true.

There may be some inaccuracy in the numbers, but where are the “dateable” men? When Black women find a Black eligible man it becomes a competition. Too frequently we allow men to dictate the rules because we feel at their mercy. With the lack of camaraderie between women it becomes a competition. And a question of what you will settle for, and what your true expectations are. Some of us are so desperate to be in a relationship that we have no problem shar…



What a legacy Dr. King has gifted to us?! But let’s be real about the obstacles we still face. Racism is alive and well. Not only is it alive, but it’s an Equal Opportunity Employer. How ironic?!! The very thing that divides us is the common denominator for us all.

I wish I could say that we are only judged by the “content of our character”, but that would be untrue. If only I could wave a magic wand and the hurt and pain of this injustice would be gone. How long? Too long. Remembering Sam Cooke; a change gonna come.

I was looking at a preview of a report on CNN. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the report. What stuck in my mind is that I had written a post on my Facebook wall about how I’d lost contact with so many of my relatives and ancestry because of that “One Drop Rule.” Many had made a conscious decision to pass for white. I have many cousins and family members I’ve recently connected with on both sides of my family. Like you; most of my family has a varied …