THE VALUE OF A THORN by Calvin Smith, Licensed Therapist and Counselor

The Value of a Thorn by Calvin Smith on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A few thoughts about a Rose's possible take on life.

From the flower's perspective, comfort is not found in beauty but in the structures that protect it. In a natural habitat, a herbavor such as a deer or moose comes with the intention of eating most plants. However thorns on the rose which are a part of it's design, are meant to discourage the herbavor from eating the flower. Experiences can be like thorns, some experiences you have had protect you from making even worse decisions in your future where you encounter people or circumstances.

Though the experiences that facilitate disappointment seem cyclical, they also have meaning and a function. They may be telling you that you are not in the right place or in the right time. Your feelings, thoughts, and actions are designed to protect you from harm. Further they are used to help you to navigate to the environment that is healthy. Your memories are not all bad, there is a lesson in each one, lesson's which you should value and pay attention too in order to have a more prosperous life. Don't rule out all of your past disappointing experiences as a loss.. The battle scars of your life have meaning and purpose.

Opportunities for growth can also be found within your most discouraging memories.

It is important to allow yourself to grow from the experiences that you have had instead of being blindly lead by any emotional gust. Greatly valued is the higher state of consciouseness. This is the state that feeds our minds, encourages our spirits, and causes us to develop strategies for healthier living. This state can be achieved through God and the acceptance of his higher plan for your life. Through His interventions, concepts such as forgiveness are introduced into what seems like convoluted feelings with dead end results. Experiences tempered with forgiveness lead to freedom and peace not accessible through hate, fear, and disappointment. Learn to embrace you by learning the lessons that can sometimes be most often shunned. The lessons that come from your own life experiences.

Thorns have a purpose and so do you.

Just think, thorns like you have a purpose. Another's perspective of it's function will not change what it's designed to do. Scathed by some but valued by others. It will continue to be a thorn irregardless of the value placed on it. Whether you choose to look at yourself as a flower or a thorn be "you" with purpose & quiet confidence.If hate and anger are at the forefront of your decisions then perhaps you have not fully mastered the lessons before you, about you, everyday placed in front of you. Let me encourage you to explore the deeper mysteries of who you are created to be. The awesome potential within you cannot be harnessed by something as trivial as hate or bitterness. The application of forgiveness on the other hand leads you to comprehend grace, and with grace you find wisdom, and through wisdom you will find the quality of life you seek far beyond these trivial training experiences. Even though the experiences reveal that even your flower has thorns. Know that a mature rose has thorns found at varous places in the stem. This indicates that duringthe flower's growth it had some pertrusions. - Who knows how uncomfortable they were to the flower. But in the flowers fully matured state we find thorns in particular places for particular reasons. A mature flower doesn't lack thorns nor are thorns the entirety of the plant. Balance becomes evident in the mature plant. A proper consistency of flower pedals, stems, thorns, and leaves. And all mature. You can obtain balance, beginning the process of learning yourself, healing your emotional wounds by applying forgiveness. By releasing yourself from hurt, disappointment, pain or resentment, you release yourself to your full potential. Do not let other's negative criticisms be a snare to you. Sometimes they just aren't healthy people to be around. Just make sure that in your process of forgiving you include forgiving yourself.. May God help you grow. Be brave and grow.

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