Open relationships? Facebook relationship status? Take it for what it's worth. Being "open" means being vulnerable to parasites, and saboteurs. Anyone signing up for such a relationship is a masochist and lacks self-love; let alone reciprocate love. Those in "complicated" relationships are probably unaware that they are in an "open relationship."

*Below are some of the answers spurred by my Facebook status. Ask and you shall receive.

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Most folk have no idea what a relationship is or should be. To me an "open" relationship is a relationship. If I can not be completely honest about me to the person I'm intimate with then were just F****ing around. Folk shouldn't be afraid to reveal the desires of their hearts and minds. Folk shouldn't be in it to play games or run game. If you start in the very beginning (like when you share the first drink or dance) what you are about and what you really want, you are able to not waste time with folk who are not suited for you! Don't be scared in the beginning, you have absolutely nothing to lose by telling the truth! If they run in the other direction thank them, if they continue to listen, then you ask all the questions you want answers to. If they are offended oh well, sobeit. If you listen to the meditations of your heart you will know when someone is not telling you the truth. Be ready for the truth. Getting to know folks is fun, you can keep your Veela Ammons, I agree with you the purest form and the most complimentary sex is the exchange of two evolved souls rooted in love! by Michele Tolbert Ploss


  1. Just in case you don't know;a masochist takes pleasure in being humiliated or mistreated. You willingly or knowingly subject yourself to trying or unpleasant situations.

    DON'T SETTLE! When you know better you do better. Message to all FB Friends: Get out!! This is directed to men and women.

    Remember there are STDs and diseases that could be with you long after the relationship is done. Why risk your life? Practice monogamy. Sex/pleasure is not worth your life. Some of you are missing the boat; a committed relationship can be damn sexy. When you both have been tested and have a clean report it can be no holds barred.

    We've got it twisted. We deal with sex as if it's completely void of spirituality and GOD. Any good relationship is grounded in GOD. When there is a spiritual connection the sex is off the chain! Trust me. I have no reason to lie to you. When love is in it's purest form sex is an extension of that love. Veela aka Venus

  2. Sometimes it means not equally yoked but tired of looking,waiting,working,pl​aying games,being judged or judging,getting to know new people,taking on new responsibilities,you love them just not completely;running the gamut-it's complicated

  3. I hear you Veela! Ive come to a point in my life where I feel I deserve more than an "open" relationship...And as for complications! The MOMENT I sense complications I nip it in the bud so fast that her head is spinning. I simply do not have time for games! I cant deal with the headaches.

  4. Honesty is the correct policy... when the basic information is available, then there's no real sense in sneaking around, being overly jealous and getting one's feelings hurt. Most times people are who the appear to be and thinking that you can change someone, to conform to your standards, is unrealistic.

  5. Subconsciously, we all want to be our best... but it takes a consistent and conscious effort to lay a foundation without major faults.
    And what one really wants is the best, such not to distract from the positive. We all have to start with blessing ourselves in order to be a blessing to others. Family is the root of knowing how to love. I personally want to be loved, give love and be blessed. Says you, Venus?

  6. Samuel J. Martin III: being in an "open relationship" is not about sex or even exclusively human "relationships" (in quotes as relationships are more than romance, it's about how we relate to the entire world around us & within us); it's about being open to allow-ing (Allah) life to flow (“Allow & let flow”) to receive what the Universe is supplying per your requests (i.e. “Let go & let God”) via your "state of b.e.'ing [balancing energy/existence]" © as the Universe is nothing (no-thing) more than a big mirror that reflects back to you who you are, through who & what appears in your life to experience, & thus you can "relate" to one's self... "the One, within One-self, & within every-One" ©

    + I have always purported that polyamorous relationships (either polygyny or polyandry) are to be implemented depending on the %'s of men to women or women to men accordingly to the geographic area (society). as either are social solution to the simple fact that we all need a significant other in our lives (beyond even the closeness of family, friends, etc.), thus if there are more women or men in a given society, the only way to keep the peace through the happiness of it's members is to socially implement polyamorous relationship, whereby there is still accountability & structure, otherwise people will degenerate downward to "get theirs" regardless of who they have to step on & hurt in the process; even their friends & family. this is the reason for either polyamorous relationships, not for personal satisfaction of fulfilling a base desire, but only to allow all people to have their primary needs met. this is an act of love! ♥ :o)

  7. Veela Ammons: Love you twin, but let me make an informed decision. I have unwittingly participated in a polyamorous relationship while being labeled "wifey." How disrespectful, arrogant and cowardly. If that's the relationship you want that's your choice; not mine. This ass had the nerve to think I would consider his proposal. As if I would willingly sign on for more mistreatment. What you're suggesting requires complete honesty. I contend it is the exception. When I asked why he didn't divulge the truth he said he knew I would walk, and I did. Lesson learned. Never looking back.

  8. Samuel J. Martin III that is a reflection on the character of that person, not the principles of open or polyamorous relationships. + most people get into & pursue such relationship paradigms for the wrong reasons, as they do for monogamous relationships, thus they don't work because the people have issues, not the relationship paradigms. any form of a relationship can & will work when you work it because your heart is truly invested in it. ;o)

    the relationship paradigms are like our shadow, placing our focus on our shadow & not ourselves will not solve our problems. ;o)

    Samuel J. Martin III maybe, but that's the difference between those who seek a polyamorous relationship from the get go (most likely for the wrong reasons) & those who are simply open to it based on it's principles & either accept it or not (for the right reasons) if & when the possibility for it arises.

    & of course it's you decision. just because you accept the tenants of something doesn't mean you are forced to make it so in your life. everything is always your own decision, even not deciding is yours!

    Samuel J. Martin III that wasn't a polyamorous relationship, that was sneaking behind one's back, cheating, on the DL, etc. all Polyamorous relationships have the same level of commitment that a monogamous marriage does as all parties are married, there are just more than 2 people in the marriage.

  9. Larry Hayward: Discretion is better for the common good of any relationship.


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