For the past year (okay maybe longer, but who wants to admit that you’re hard-headed) GOD has been showing me that sometimes people, circumstances, situations, and things have to be removed before the blessing can come. It can be a painful process. Instinctively, we want to share the “BLESSING” with those we love. Take a look around..I mean a good look. Whether to your left or right, someone is not going to be there. Not because you didn’t want them to be, but because GOD had something else planned in your destiny, your DNA.

I always say that GOD doesn’t give vision without provision. Let me break it down. Ever have a dream and you try to share it with someone, but it makes no sense to them? Well, that was because it wasn’t for them. “What GOD has for me it is for me!” If GOD gave you a vision I don’t care how people try to discourage you or even duplicate it; they can’t. That’s how you know it’s yours. People may share in your vision or even participate in accomplishing your goal. But it couldn’t have been done without you.

My friend and Sister Moni is on my mind this morning. I think part of it is that her book signing should be today. “OUT OF THE WILDERNESS”…Amen Moni! Amen! I haven’t read the book, but the excerpts show me this was born out of something only she could have given birth to. We talked about the discouragement, people lying, stealing, and even using GOD to distract her from her goal. She’s still here. Hallelujah!

You don’t know what it does to my spirit to see how you’ve persevered. I’ve gotten a little cocky like you Sis. “A weak girl’s laugh is a strong girl’s cry.” Not sure if GOD gave me that or I heard it somewhere and never forgot. People get a little irritated with me lately. You can tell me something that would ordinarily make me upset, or even depressed and I laugh. I mean I out and out laugh. I’m not trying to offend you, but GOD has delivered me from depression and I’ll NEVER go back!! The devil is a lie! No matter how crazy it looks I know I have the victory. That’s why my girl may seem cocky to you, but she’s confident. She can look like a million bucks and not have a red cent. I love that about her. Thank you for setting the example. Thank you from more people than you know or could possibly know.

It used to hurt my feelings when GOD would reveal people and I’d have to let them go. Sometimes HE just lets it all play out. That’s what happens with the hard-headed people. I guess you wouldn’t know about that? I know HE revealed these people from the beginning, but I didn’t want to believe it. Oh no, not so and so! She would never do that to me? Why would they lie to you? Why would they lie on me? Why would they talk behind my back? But that’s my family?! Why would my own family hurt me? You already know the answer. You already knew what was coming. Just like Judas, your enemies serve their purpose. I’m going to take a little liberty here. The original quote came from Susan L. Taylor, former Essence editor, but I made it mine. “Not everyone deserves a front-row seat in the theater of your life.” Thank you Sheldon for that book (with that original quote) all those years ago. It stayed with me.

I hope I haven’t gone off on a tangent. But I’m here to serve as confirmation that THE BLESSING IS COMING! Have you lost a lot of friends lately? Are some the people that you depended on and expected to be there gone? Yep, it’s coming. Are you in a place or situation you’ve never been? Has everything been taken away? That’s a sign. ‘Cause what GOD has for you is bigger and better than you could ever imagine. Even in the Word of GOD it says the last shall be first, and the first shall be last. Money, material possessions, success are all coming. Bless those who bless you. Isn’t it a lot easier to be a blessing when you’re already blessed? Your blessing is coming.


  1. WE ON THE SAME PAGE! I love this Veela because I too have had to let folks go who were not in my corner....ones who would try to hold you back...including family..God has given me MANY visions and dreams as to who I am in HIM ...some 15 or so years ago I'm just now coming took some time, there were heartaches and pains...BUT I'M HERE and on my way to my DESTINY and the BLESSINGS that God has for me. I left LoDebar a LONG time ago and I'm not looking back! AMEN!....keep pressing Sister....I love you!

  2. I love you too! You have been a reminder of GOD's love for me, and to me. I'm thankful we connected so we could be an encouragement to each other

  3. Veela this is awesome...not sure what made me stop and read on this particular day...well I take that back it was your caption...Love it! RaChon

  4. RaChon I count it all joy when GOD allows me to be a blessing. I woke up early, not able to rest until I wrote what HE gave me. Sometimes I'm going through something and forget that my Brothers and Sisters are going through the same. Thank you for the feedback. You gave me confirmation that I was obedient. Somebody got blessed; including me.

  5. Now you know I gotta go and find me some tissue! I love you too Ms Veela; the best is yet to come as long as we DONOT allow the enemy to distract US!

  6. Your fourth paragraph is my struggle Veela. It does hurt releasing my friend, not only to a revelation, but friendship abuse I tried to overlook before the revelation. But I have to do this for my own good because it's destroying me. Two books are helping me with forgiving him. The Holy Bible and this new book called The Spirit of Forgiveness by Dr. Tracy L. Barnett. Would you check it out? Maybe somone needs a more focused and cocentrated help on their problem with forgiveness concerning others or themselves.


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