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For the past year (okay maybe longer, but who wants to admit that you’re hard-headed) GOD has been showing me that sometimes people, circumstances, situations, and things have to be removed before the blessing can come. It can be a painful process. Instinctively, we want to share the “BLESSING” with those we love. Take a look around..I mean a good look. Whether to your left or right, someone is not going to be there. Not because you didn’t want them to be, but because GOD had something else planned in your destiny, your DNA.

I always say that GOD doesn’t give vision without provision. Let me break it down. Ever have a dream and you try to share it with someone, but it makes no sense to them? Well, that was because it wasn’t for them. “What GOD has for me it is for me!” If GOD gave you a vision I don’t care how people try to discourage you or even duplicate it; they can’t. That’s how you know it’s yours. People may share in your vision or even participate in accomplishing your goal. …


Rahsaan Patterson From Wikipedia, Rahsaan Patterson
Birth name Rahsaan Patterson
Born January 11, 1974 (1974-01-11) (age 37)
Origin New York City, New York, United States
Genres R&B, Soul, Neo Soul
Occupations Singer, Songwriter
Associated acts SugaRush Beat Company

Rahsaan Patterson (born January 11, 1974) is an American singer and actor, best known for portraying "The Kid" on the popular 1980s television show Kids Incorporated. He is a native of The Bronx, New York. He was named after '60s jazz saxophonist Rahsaan Roland Kirk. His singing and songwriting style are reminiscent of Stevie Wonder,[1] while his voice has also drawn comparisons to Chaka Khan.[2]

Career: Kids Incorporated After appearing in a school talent show in 1984, Patterson auditioned for the television show Kids Incorporated. He was cast as "The Kid", and remained on the show for the next few years, appearing alongside such future stars as Fergie, Ma…

LOVE: An Excuse For A Lot Of Things

Can’t live with them; can’t live without them. How many times have you heard this excuse? I can’t leave we have children together. How about: I just don’t want to be alone. Love can be the most positive thing in your life, but we constantly use it as an excuse for bad behavior. Why? Haven’t we figured out that life is too short?

I’ve been writing a lot about Spirituality and wanted to continue on that theme. I saw a friend post the above on their Facebook status and it resonated with me. I’ve made major; life altering decisions in the name of love. More than I can count. I’m positive I’m not the only one, but I will no longer use it as an excuse for mistreatment.

Some of you can’t stand the person you’re with. Waiting for the kids to be grown…some of you are singing in your Kanye voice “Wait till I get my money right.” Poof! You’ll be gone. Why wait? If you think you’re doing your children a favor by staying together; think again. Nowadays children are more perceptive than their pare…


I have a Facebook fanpage where I post random thoughts from time to time. I recently posted:BE WHAT YOU WANT TO ATTRACT! WHETHER IT'S LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, BUSINESS, OR FAMILY; IT'S EASIER TO DRAW WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU ARE!

In reply a friend posted,"Why is it taking so long to attract the male version of me?"

Of course my friend and birthday twin had an answer. Every word below belongs to Samuel J. Martin III. I asked his permission to post these words because I feel they need to be shared. Thank you for giving women a glimpse into the psyche of a complete man. I learned something, and so will others.

“I summon the reflection of myself in female form, that she be in all ways, always to my highest best!”

What I will (to) experience
...from the Spiritual, Mental, & Physical union
between I & the female mutual partner(s) in my life.

1. We are metaphysically & physically attracted to each other.

2. The expressions of our lives compliments each others, i.e. our mi…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU: What I’ve Learned Thus Far – Part I

Do you remember MTV’s UNPLUGGED? Do remember how the top artists wanted to perform for UNPLUGGED? It was a proving ground. Usually it was a stripped down version. There was live instrumentation. Sometimes it was little to nothing; even acapella. It was make it or break it for the artist. Either it was their demise or a musical victory. One of my favorites was Maxwell. I believe he performed A WOMAN’S WORTH on UNPLUGGED; definitely one of my favorites. I make this analogy to say where I am.

In Psalm 35 it talks about being under attack and wondering if GOD has forgotten or forsaken you. HE has done neither. At the end of the Scripture it says that when I’m delivered I will go before my enemies and declare that it was no one but GOD who delivered me. That’s where I am; stripped down, and naked before HIM.

Right now I can’t feel sorry for myself because so many of my friends and family have their own issues they’re going through. Too many to mention or name. We all go through difficulti…