Your Momma’s church, your Daddy’s church, Big Momma’s church can’t save you! It’s time for a new church. In the words of my friend Siete, “Religion is for those who don’t want to go to hell. Spirituality is for those who have been to hell and don’t want to ever go back!” I don’t knock organized religion, but I have never believed in the separation that is practiced in religion. I’ve seen the biggest hell raised in church. Those who use the Word of GOD to condemn others or anyone who would dare to think differently.

I have struggled all my life with the church. Not because of my unbelief, but because of GOD’s revelation to me. The deeper my understanding, the less I’ve been prone to attend church on a regular basis. Some of my most freeing moments have been in the confines of the church. I believe GOD. To think that GOD is limited to four walls has never made sense to me. I set no limitations on the GOD I serve. HE is bigger than my problems, or circumstances. To limit HIM to a building or even a denomination is to limit what GOD can do. My salvation isn’t tied to any human being. Some of you are convinced that all of us are going to hell; except for those that attend your respective churches, and participate in your religious practices (i.e. denomination).

Some of you pick up GOD on Sunday and couldn’t tell me anything about HIM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc… You don’t pray on your own. And reading the Word is not a regular practice. I talk to people you wouldn’t entertain. The old church I attended had a motto on the door: FOR THOSE WHO HURT. If you have a relationship with the FATHER and HE has charged you to help others; why wouldn’t you reach outside of your church? For me, the purpose of church is to refuel, to fellowship. I’m always invigorated by a good service. When the anointing falls I can’t help but feel privileged to be in HIS presence. Sometimes it’s in the quietness that I feel HIM. I don’t need the shouting and dancing as evidence that I’m in HIS presence. Not saying I haven’t danced in the Spirit, but when in GOD’s presence it has left me prostrate before HIM. There was no singing, no dancing, no speaking in tongues, no shouting, but the awesome Spirit of GOD that rendered me speechless.

As a little girl I suffered the biggest hurt in church. My parents divorced. My Father was the Pastor. He left that church and moved to another state. After being completely devastated by her divorce; it took my Mother some time to return to church. She had been Minister of Music and was struggling with her own spirituality; let alone mine. The first Sunday we returned to the church I remember Ms. Stevens (she looked like a witch to me) coming behind our pew telling my Mother she was going to hell because she made my Father leave. I was six years old! I remember it like yesterday. Since that horrible experience I can name numerous times that so called ministers and people of the church have gone out of their way to hurt me and my family. Remember church is supposed to be FOR THOSE WHO HURT. Not a place where we easily hurt those we supposedly love.

If you are blessed to be under a great ministry or under the protection of a church, consider it a blessing. But realize that part of your mission is to save other souls. GOD didn’t save you just for you to sit on your behind. It doesn’t work that way. Some of you are teachers, preachers, disciples, prayer warriors, intercessors, deacons, trustees, but none of you were spared just to warm the pew. I said before and I’ll say it again, “Church can’t save you!”


  1. Yes, all which you say is true. At the end of the day, it must be remembered that the church is made up of imperfect people who are wounded, hurting, broken, bent (and even hell bent)searching for and/or in need of something, really someone greater than themselves - God. No, church cannot save anyone - salvation only comes through the acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the responsibility however of those who are assembled together, to realize and recognize that each person is integral to the Body of Christ Jesus, judgment begins with the household of faith, we all must give an account of what we say and do on this earth when we die. The best that we can offer to anyone is the sacrificial giving of ourselves for the benefit of others. This requires work, inner-reflection and the willingness to yield to the Holy Spirit.

  2. I agree with everything you have said Cheryl. Only someone with a compassionate heart would hear my pleadings. The Word can be used as protection against my enemies, but I'm tired of those who lack compassion using it for a self-serving agenda. GOD made me worth not the church. Too many use their membership to feel pious. In Romans it says "therefore there is no condemnation". I've had my "wordly friends" show me more kindness and compassion then those who should know better. When GOD speaks to me through others I'm convicted by love not their misguided judgments. We all are imperfect; saved by mercy and grace.

  3. "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new". Some time ago, I asked the Lord based on this scripture why there were so many problems in the church. The Lord later revealed to me that the key point of the verse states "if any man be IN Christ". A person can be a member of a church and not be in Christ. Jesus said in John 13:35
    By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another

  4. Sunday Morning Blues

    .I'm not feeling this burning sun this morning
    I wish the clouds would come on out and play
    I just can't seem to shake this feeling that has me glued to my bed

    I've got the blues,
    Sunday morning blues
    Even though the sun is shining
    The rainy clouds have invaded my heart
    This voice keeps telling me that if I leave this house
    The sun will turn blue

    I don't need no Holy Ghost kisses
    Faking a smile everytime I look in your eyes
    I don't want your phony Holy Ghost greetings
    Everytime I walk in for a Sunday church meeting
    I don't own no Sunday go to meeting hat
    Don't even own the common First Lady suit
    What you see is what you get
    So tell the door keepers to give the damn condemnation a rest

    Monday through Friday I fight the rat race
    By Saturday all I can do is try to get some rest
    But then I wake up on Sunday dreading the moment
    That it's time to walk through the temple doors
    I see the hypocrites standing in place
    Whispering and gossiping about what they think is my business
    So I tell you now your pressence is blocking my hearing
    I spend so much time avoiding your madness
    That I leave the church filled with anger and sadness

    That's why I get the blues
    Whispering to my heart
    That if I leave this house the sun will turn blue
    I call it Sunday morning blues
    Because that's the one day of the week
    That I learn to appreciate the love from the streets
    The streets don't lie they are who they are
    While the temple houses some of the madness
    That created all of my sadness
    Had me running to a bottle of wine
    To try and help the sun to shine
    After sitting with the saints on Sunday morning
    partaking of the communion wine

  5. Everything that you have said is on point. Unfortunately a long time ago the "church" lost sight of who they are suppose to be. We "religiously" report to a building once or twice a week to visit God. Why do I say visit??? Because clearly many of us do not reside in Him. We just go by to say hello. No connection, no relationship. I teach truth at the ministry I am a part of and quite frankly, the condition of some of the "so called" people of God hurts my heart. I continue to pray. As for "church hurt", people go behind my back all the time and all it did was make me stronger. Folks do not realize how severe church hurt can be to those who are not spiritually mature yet. I was called to speak a couple of weeks ago and I told the people that the reason their is no Spirit in them is because they refuse to give up whatever it is that holds the space in their spirit that His Spirit is suppose to dwell in. I also asked them if whatever it is they hold so dearly is worth going to hell for? But not to worry because the church was designed and purposed to operate on one accord He will be cleaning house very shortly. Those who continue to refuse to line up will be removed. Be encouraged and stay encouraged because HE will take care of HIS own during these final days.

  6. Yes Lord...what a deep yet powerful post!! The title alone is a statement and a doesn't save anyone. In fact the real church is not even so much the building...the church is the people who've been born again in Christ Jesus. We fellowship on Sundays (Saturdays for some)to hear a Word from the Lord via our pastors/ministers to strengthen our walk with Him, for kingdom building, and staying focused on Heaven. My parents weren't ministers but I can relate to enduring the pain of their divorce as Christians. It's amazing how many church folks act like they've been saved all their lives like they've never sinned at all. We don't have a Heaven or a Hell to send anyone....our mission is to serve the Lord, live according to His will, and draw others to Him by our walk and sharing the true gospel of Jesus. Now despite how some in church may misrepresent the body of Christ, don't let them be a deterrent for you getting to know the Lord the right way and avoid church....make your relationship with God and your reverence to Him at church personal! Remember, just because someone goes to church doen't always mean they're saved. Just like we have to take an account for our own lives, those self-righteous folks and those folks constantly doing dirt and keeping up mess in church have to give an account for theirs too! Let's lift all churches up in prayer and their leaders....some churches have strayed from sound doctrine and holiness and have forgotten their purpose for the Kingdom of God. Make sure we have the real salvation in Jesus Christ through repentance (of sin), acceptance (of Christ as Lord), deliverance (from sin), and assurance (of eternal life). The church won't get anyone into Heaven, but it should be telling people how to get there!

  7. Amen!

    This song says it for me!

  8. Good morning, my sister Veela! You and I go way back and I so glad you allowed me to connect to you on Facebook. This is not the first time I seen this blog. I really did not have a comment the first time, but I feel that God wanted me to respond this time.

    First of all, I love you. You are beautifully and wonderfully made and gifted. What I admire about you is not only you are beautiful outside , but a heart to serve The Lord. You have a ministry that has changed lives and dare to say, bring souls to Christ. You are a witness for Him and I know that you are going to heaven. The concern I have for you is something that you are accusing other churches. And that is you are limiting yourself. The Body of Christ needs you!

    The reason I say that is because, and correct me if I'm wrong, is that you don't belong to a church or have a Pastor. Again, I not trying to judge you or anything, you belong to God and I know that you are saved and I agree with you 100% that the church cannot save you and there are some churches that are going to hell and from the pit of it!

    Like you, my first Pastor was my father. I don't share your pain as far as what happened to you with your father leaving and what happened with you and your mother. And that is where we are different because my Parents stayed together till death. You see, the trick of the devil is to make us believe that we don't need church, when its the contrary, the church need your gift and wants you to stir it up!
    You are limiting yourself because everyone does not have access to the internet nor want access and don't care to know what a "blog" is. Now, I don't know what other things you are doing beside Facebook and your blog ministry, which is wonderful and I encourage you to continue that, but there are churches out there that share your point of view!
    And good example is mine. You already know I belong to Salem and have been a member there for ten years. People outside the church get the name confused because the building is called The House of Hope. Its is the home of The Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, just like Wrigley Field is the home of The Chicago Cubs. You're right, the church is not the building, but the team that is in it and is the team perfect? No. Is the Pastor perfect? No. My Pastor said that the reason that our ministry works so well is because we are just like you! LOL! Everything that you said the church is not doing we been there, done that and more! Im not trying to sell my church but don't be deceived by the enemy that churches don't share what you believe. Now that is a lie from the pit of hell. Just like God has a mate for you, there's a church out there waiting for you to share your ministry, Bishop Veela! That's right, I said it! Im speaking life to you. I would recommend addressing your hurt through biblical counseling. And be obedient to the Word of God, Hebrews 10:25, you know what it is and find you a church and a Shepard you lead you. God did not ordain them for nothing. The Kingdom of God has a role for everyone. And it needs you. God need you! I love you sooooo much, that I wrote this "book" just for you! LOL Be blessed!

  9. Titus I love you too. Actually I've been serving at two churches for quite a while. I was just speaking to my Mother about how it has become too much. I'm not knocking church just those who are quick to make others feel unwelcome. It's hard to pretend that you don't see those that are hurting being ignored. I'm in my first service of the day. I agree with what you said, but we all need to do more. Myself included!!!

  10. Wow! That's fantastic! Not that you need my approval, Woman of God, but I'm impressed that not only you're serving a church, but two! The Kingdom of God will be better because of it. May God richly bless you and your ministry. I look forward to your blogs and your Facebook postings regularly! You have blessed me with them as well as others. I again, I agree. The church can't save you! Pastor Meeks preaches about this subject on a regular basis and is criticized constantly. We can agree and do share than issue with you as well. Be blessed, My Sister!

  11. interesting to see people loyalty to the church building instead of the word!I feel your pain like a sponge,that's why we are stronger today than before!We have been taught to get over it instead of let God handle it!My understanding of church is two or more discussing the Lord,wherever and whenever.The building is used as a meeting place...come as you are,no judgment!That's makes it easy for the devil to feed off the weak because he was invited too!I don't go to church regular,but I confide in the Lord,he is the reason I am who I'm am....when I want the truth,I get it from the LORD,when I don't want the truth,he still give it to me!Most people forget the devil was a angel who thought he could do the LORDS work better,that's why we have to becarefull of what's in our presence.The world was built on advancements till disloyalty and greed took over.....who do you think did that?Morrow of the each its own,but sooner or later you gone answer to the LORD,not man!!!!!


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