Black men account for 7 % of the population, but a disproportionate amount of our brothers are incarcerated. I’ve heard percentages as high as 40%. Let’s do the numbers. The prison population accounts for at least 2 million; if not more. Depending on what study and statistics you read. In case you’re confused; our brown brothers are grouped into this statistic. Back in 2008, out of 1.2 million African American children, 11% had a parent incarcerated. These statistics and percentages are staggering and include our sisters. Who knows what the true numbers are today?

When we talk about why we don’t have eligible men we are quick to repeat the standard issues, but this an epidemic. Or should I say a pandemic? This is erasing a generation. This is genocide. How do we fix this? Whatever we’re doing isn’t working.

I have a few friends that work and volunteer with prison ministries. It’s not unusual for my friend to tell me that everyone in attendance gave their life to Christ when he extended the invitation. I know I’m going to make a lot of people mad, but I’m frightened for where we’re going. Jesus isn’t the answer. Church isn’t serving the community. Schools aren’t held to a standard that could make a difference. Too many times there are single mothers that are working to provide for their family. How does she raise her son, and still put food on the table? Damn! Damn! Damn! (In my Florida Evans voice.) This is so overwhelming I don’t know where to start.

This is bringing tears to my eyes. This is going to sound self-serving, but it hurts. I have a daughter who I love more than anything. When she was a freshmen in college the rate of male to female was 8 to 1. Now that she’s in graduate school I’m sure the divide has grown. I never thought I would question whether or not my daughter would marry and have a family. But I do. Who is she going to marry? I really don’t give a damn if I remarry, but my baby. Will she have a family?

If you’re not frightened by these statistics you should be. Somebody give me a damn answer! The punishment doesn’t fit the crime. White collar criminals are imprisoned in facilities with all the amenities; while my brothers are lucky to get out alive. The recidivism rate for men of color is disheartening. Over 16% of black males are likely to return to prison, or be a repeat offender. In the past I have mentored high school students. When I was putting my classes together I always targeted young black men. These are the ones with the target on their back. You destroy them, you divide and destroy not only a generation, but a nation. This is a conversation that needs to start within our community.

We’re so worried about having a man and getting married. Get a clue ladies. How are you going to reproduce by yourself? GOD meant for us to procreate, but HE also meant for children to be blessed with a Mother and a Father. There is strength in numbers. There is greater strength in family.



  1. I dated a man for 10yrs who repeatedly went in and out of the department of corrections, he got mad at me because i told him , he lives in prison and comes home to visit. He is a very broken man,comes from a Dysfunctional family on a grand scale. Ive seen him get breaks in spite of the fact he has a lengthy rap sheet, always able to find employment, yet like a dog he always returns to his own vomit,i will be the first to admit his abuse begun in the womb, but at what point is he no longer a victim to circumstances and a haunting past,and becomes a volunteer and willing participant ?,the department of corrections doesn't correct, it enslaves, our men at a alarming rate, it is big business,from the monies coming in from the state per prisoner right down to the vending machines and telephone calls, commissary,BIG BUSINESS, who due to the choices made by others lack no customers. well i'll have you know, that he is currently in prison, again,finishing up on a 7yr sentences, this time, for the last 4 years, i stopped writing, sending money,visiting, making him COMFORTABLE in prison, maybe if it feels like prison he'll stay out. I did this running the risk of losing him, shoot who am i fooling, i lost him a long time ago.

  2. V,
    This song punctuates the paradox created by Mr. Willie Lynch back in 1712. Creating a frozen independent and negotiable psychological state in the female slave by brutally killing one slave male and separating the family, physically, from the mate/father slave. Fear to protect the male offspring and create independence (because of the absence of the male) forces the female slave to rear a mentally docile, but physically strong young male and an independent young woman, in her image, to protect the young male and negotiate for him. Lynch said that his making of a slave (this example is a foundational piece, but only one step in his process) would last, at least, 300 years...When did Jill Scott write this tune?...She is independent enough to take care of herself, raise her child, get and take care of her own shit - but KNOWS that she needs her man. After she has learned to become, and do, all of these things, where does the male fit in? She is performing his role already. Ladies, do you find it difficult to take a step back and love him into his role as he fumbles and missteps his way to what you are already doing so well? Not pointing a finger, just asking a question. In addition to the cards "being stacked against" the black male, through the programming of our society over centuries, is it easier for him to rely on his programming, over centuries - physical strength/dominance in a controlled environment, or battle his mate for a role he has not been programmed to fill. Dante said that, "It is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven."

  3. If they get mad, tell them to holla at me! hmmphf! There's only ONE program that I know of that WORKS and has worked since it's inception. If you want our men to stay out of jail; they NEED this program. Those who are labeled "trouble" and those who have been to prison NEED this program. So I guess they'll be angry with me also. I can go to any church and hold a five minute conversation with a man and can tell you if he's been to prison. I can hold a conversation for days with brothers that have studied the teachings of Elijah Muhammad and don't know that they've been to prison until they tell me. When the church comes from under the brainwashing of reciting the doctored doctrine of Jesus Christ fed to them by "Massa" James; they'll stop being seperated by religion and allow the spiritual building process to take it's naturally intended course!

  4. I hear you Monica; but Jesus Christ doctrine that was doctored by "Massa" was just that... doctored. All we have to do is go read the actual sound doctrine of JESUS Christ and we'll see that is the reason "Massa" never wanted you to read in the first place.

    I'm preaching to somebody right now... you see the same Jesus Christ told you that black men will be in prisons if they didn't get on HIS program. JESUS CHRIST... the real One that is... (not "Massa" version) is the Real Program.

    hey Veela; good article again. Love you and I miss you!


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