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February 17, 2011. Here are the official RULES for being a sidepiece.

I.Thou shalt not put any other partners before me.
Yes, I understand that it’s hypocritical for someone in a relationship to ask their side person to remain faithful, but you knew what you were walking into when you signed up for this. They just need you to stand by them while I “work things out” with their main squeeze. Just a few more years and they’ll be all yours… yeah, right.

II.Thou shalt not keep any images or video footage of us together—ever.
The key to keeping this thing going is no evidence, so there will be no pictures taken or sex tapes recorded. Denying everything only works when there’s no proof. Plus, in the event that things go south your jump-off should not have anything that he or she can black mail you with later.

III. Thou shalt not use the L-word in vain.
This rule is so underrated, but if you follow it things will be less complicated. Do not under any circumstances tell your jump-off you love them…


1. What happens when someone wants out of the relationship and you don't?
2. How can you move on when your ex refuses to?
3. Is it ever right to stay together for the sake of your children?

I'm sure everyone has an opinion, and I want to hear all of them. ~Veela aka Venus

Mary Harvey has been ordered to shut up! A Texas judge recently ruled that Mary Harvey can no longer talk about her ex-husband Steve Harvey. No more you tube videos, Facebooking, tweeting or MySpace about her ex. The court hearing also proved that Mary wasn’t left destitute and homeless by her ex-husband. In fact, records proved she was getting $40,000 a month, got three houses in a divorce settlement and she voluntarily put her son on a plane sending him to be with his dad. The Harveys are due back in court March 10th. Mary Harvey created a firestorm when she went public with allegations of mistreatment by Steve Harvey. Steve always said the truth will prevail, but a lot of damage has already been done. Why w…