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It's taken me all this time to get here. I didn't think I would ever arrive. I've been through hell and back to get here. I've been in pseudo relationships that left me wanting and cold. I'm not sure I could call them relationships. I do know it takes the participation of two to qualify as a relationship. It's not rocket-science, but difficult enough.

The first relationship I was in was somewhat one-sided. I lacked the maturity to sustain or be in a relationship. That was just what he wanted; for me to feel overwhelmed. And I was. I hid the relationship from beginning to end and it turned out to be one of my biggest mistakes. I paid dearly for that.

Constantly I write about self-LOVE for good reason. It took me the better part of my adult life to recognize that not LOVING me meant I was incapable of LOVING anyone else. Not the LOVE you have for your family or your children; no the sacred LOVE shared between a man and a woman. I believe it is GOD-given. Not to …