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I just figured out something about myself. I think I’m in LOVE with LOVE. Not the hard stuff, but the idealized version. Holding hands, skipping through the park, never let you go kind of LOVE. Maybe I’ve seen too many Disney movies. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They fall deeply in LOVE and live happily ever after. The End

Now back to reality...boy meets girl; boy has too many hang-ups and personal issues to fall in LOVE with any damn body. Girl is too insecure to have a healthy relationship; least of all fall in LOVE. Here’s the modern day version: Man meets woman. They exchange numbers and start sexting. lol They haven’t even had a date! Date?!!! Do people do that anymore? Where’s the romance? Where are the flowers? When is the last time you were asked out? I mean he/she calls you, makes plans for an outing that you’d both enjoy. They pick you up to take you to dinner, a movie, a concert, a show. Where is the LOVE? Where is the romance?

Chivalry is dead! Well, maybe not dead…

Quincy Jones - The Secret Garden


Artist: Quincy Jones
Song: The Secret Garden

Tell me your secret
I don't just want to know about any secret of yours...
Because tonight I want you to learn all about the secrets
In your garden

(Verse 1)
I wanna read your mind, know you deepest feelings
I wanna make it right for you
Baby, show me
Let me share the mystery, oh...

Listen to your heart tonight

Make it alright, yeah, yeah, yeah

(Verse 2)
I know a melody that we could sing together
I've got the secret key to you, baby
Let's make music
Harmonizin' ecstasy

Come on, sing it to me

Here in the garden
Where temptation feels so right
Passion can make you fall for what you feel
In the garden
We can make it come alive
Every night, oh, woman
Your secret garden, hoo..., hoo..., hoo..., hoo...

(Verse 3)

I need to be with you, let me lay beside you
Do what you want me too all night
Gonna hold you
Ooh, baby, can I touch you there

I can keep yo…