I just need to rant for a minute. Can people be who they say they are? If you approach me as friend or foe I would appreciate and respect honesty over anything else. I’ve wasted more time lately on people who are quick to tell me what they think I want to hear; rather than the TRUTH. I’d take the TRUTH over a lie any day. It’s easier to digest.

Everyone wishes that they could change something in their life. My life would be perfect if I had the money to do this or do that. My life would be great if I just had this. If only I was thinner, if I was richer, if I was taller…the list goes on. Too many times we put our life on hold patiently waiting for nothing. Why do we torture ourselves when time continues and we need to embrace life?

Too bad life isn’t like video. There are definitely a few things I’d rewind in my life. Hell, there are more than a few spots I’d like to edit/cut completely. I have to remember that GOD doesn’t make mistakes. We have free-will and sometimes GOD will take what we see as a defeat and turn it into a victory. I have to believe that. It keeps me going.

I’ve lost so many that were precious to me in the last few years. More than I’d like to remember. What’s interesting about all of them is that they lived life to the fullest. Not only did they leave an indelible print in my heart, but they touched the lives of numerous people. Some they never knew. There are some things that we had planned to accomplish together that I feel obligated to finish. There are other things that I want to accomplish that only me and GOD know.

My Mother sent something to my email and it talked about how an eagle will take their children to the highest point they can find and then drop them. This is part of the process in teaching them to fly. As the eaglet drops the eagle will come and rescue them if they don’t take flight. The process is repeated, and repeated until the eaglet soars.

Okay GOD. Maybe I’m only speaking for myself, but I’m tired of being dropped and I want to soar. Please GOD let me get the lesson so I don't continue with the same mistakes. I'll trust YOU. I’m ready to be EVERYTHING YOU say I am. Obviously, my way isn’t working. I want so many things for my life that if I were to name them all it would sound like a laundry list. It’s time to hit the pause button. Life doesn’t stop while you’re practicing and busying yourself with a dress rehearsal. It’s time to press record. If you’re waiting until everything is perfect before you hit record; nothing will ever happen.

No my mind hasn’t changed…I still want a healthy relationship, a viable business, success in every area of my life. I need my daughter to have everything she wants and needs. I ask GOD to give my Mother divine health. I want to be happy, but it’s not any good for me unless I know they’re okay. My prayer is to be and walk in the path that GOD has for me. I ask the same for you.

Question: What’s standing in the way of you having everything you want?
Hopefully, your answer is not the same as mine. ME


  1. @veela i really don't know what's standing in my way,but i will figure it out

  2. Truth is so hard for people to digest. Even though in these times; lies are quickly revealed and burned. I myself have fallen victim to so many lies from others that I had to step back and completely let go. Because I know that God sees and knows all; I know that God knew those who would lie and deceive me before they even approached. My blessing has come from allowing God to take hold of all areas in my life and teach me who I really am. Each level brings greater obstacles and distractions. Overstanding this has allowed me to be clear on how the enemy approaches through my weaknesses. Being honest with myself has developed a new stregnth in my weakness that has caused the enemy to come stronger than ever before. Your gifts will make room for you and the enemy knows this.
    With this overstanding, I've learned to not allow even my own mistakes to stop me from moving forward and upward. Lies are here to distract and confuse the mind. We relly don't fall; we are simply tested. Passing the test for me means; no matter what it looks like or how it feels; I will continue to soar at every altitude. Turbulances and ALL!

  3. Vee,
    We are always our biggest and sometimes only impediment. I am keeping me down because of my sometime lack of faith in myself. When you are dropped, you need to just keep flapping your wings. And when you fall to the ground, go up agan and keep flapping. When you believe in what you are doing, keep your head up and keep trying. Most of the time it is our determination that brings us through. I know for a fact that you want to do some very worthy things. Don't give up. Keep flapping and if need be, go higher so that you will have more room to eventually soar.

  4. Its me and Im not sure how to get out of my own way but it starts with trusting and loving myself as I am today.


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