I was contemplating my topic and I received confirmation this morning. I was going to post a particular song and GOD took me a different direction. I came upon Marvin Sapp’s PRAISE HIM IN ADVANCE. I love that song. Something I have to remember for myself, but what touched me was the comment under the video. This person confessed to being on the verge of suicide before they listened to the song. The lyric that stands out for me is, “Praise will confuse the enemy.” Amen to that! That’s part of the reason I wanted the gift of tongues early on. Literally, you ask GOD for a language that is your personal communication with HIM; language that you’ve never lied in, a language that you’ve never used to speak harshly to someone. I was coming home from a concert at Second Baptist when my Mother explained it to me just as my Godfather Otis had explained it to her. She said to think about GOD’S love being all around you and breathe in and out. I did and in that 10 minute drive I received the gift of tongues. Who knew it was that easy?! I share this with you because I believe in the Law of Confession. I believe the Word of GOD. Life and death is in the tongues. I relate to the person that wanted to kill themself. To be honest; I don’t know if it was a man or woman. I guess most of you won’t understand.

I remember being at Chute Middle School and not understanding the gifts of the Spirit. As a kid how do you explain to another kid that you see things before they happen or that you get terms and words that are beyond your comprehension or understanding? Well, I didn’t. I lied. “Ah, yeah I can read palms. This line means this and this line means that.” Did you think that I could explain what I myself didn’t understand? “Okay here’s the truth. I have gift of prophesy and GOD speaks to me just like I’m talking to you.” Well, needless to say people called me a witch and all kinds of crazy stuff. Remember I’ve already got the body of an adult. They think I’m from another country because I speak so properly; so I’m having all kinds of fun. Not! Those of you who talk about middle school and high school being the best time are so beyond me.

I’m sharing all this because I have a different understanding when it comes to the Law of Confession. I understand that you have to declare a thing and confess it as if it were. Confessing and believing GOD for it. Well, I take it literally. In the dictionary it states that confession is to admit or acknowledge something. They even go as far as to declare your fault or crime. I don’t know about all that, but this is for all those that criticize my blog and have said I shouldn’t talk about the things I discuss. Well, thank you Facebook! If I hadn’t confessed my molestation or anything else those secrets would continue to haunt me. I was shy, but I realize now I was broken. Hard to get it together when you don’t know the problem. I had suffered from depression for years, and had contemplated suicide more than a few times. Ever been so down that getting up doesn’t cross you mind? There have been times that my daughter was the only reason I didn’t do it. Unfortunately, she was a witness to those deep depressions. I think telling the TRUTH is the most freeing thing ever! Everybody knows my business now. So what!! I don’t care anymore. I’m free! In my heart, in my mind, and in my spirit I’m free! How did I ever get married so young? Or have a baby? I wasn’t ready for either one. As I heal I’m ready for whatever GOD sends my way. There’s nothing that me and my DADDY can’t handle.

Question: What is it that you need to let go of so you can move forward and be free?


  1. Great blog Veela! You're right, confession is the first step to healing. And I don't agree with people who say you shouldn't talk about it. The reason is you are a testimony to others who are still holding onto their past. Honestly, if it weren't for Joyce Meyer's testimony and confessions, I wouldn't be free as I am now. I, too, had been in a similiar situation. It wasn't until I let go and freely spoke about it, first to a counselor, and second to my husband and close friends. Then it was easier to open up. If I wasn't free, I wouldn't be typing this now. Some may have a concern as employers do look at what people write and use it against them. But I think if any employer has integrity, s/he will see you are a blessing to others and are trying to make the community a better place. That is a worthwhile employee in my eyes. Keep it up! :)

  2. Well Veela
    I am going to do two things....#1 Scratch my head and say no she din't! lol...#2 Applaud you and say welcome to the road to recovery which always begins with self discovery. It takes great courage to face the things that cause us so much inner turmoil, for so many of us it seems easier to wear the mask. It also takes a greater faith to admit them in a public forum. So many of us walk around hanging signs on our door saying "No problems here all is grand"" Not! Everytime I meet someone and begin to think that they have what appears to be the perfect life, I am always reminded that there is no such thing. Life is freedom and freedom in itself is grand and sublime but not without responsibility. Essentially what you have done is taken responsibilty for your personal right to live freely. Truth is that, shame, guilt, bitterness and remorse are virtual dens of bondage and perpetual servitude. Oh and I forgot one "Resentments" holding on to resentments is like peeing on yourself, nobody can feel it but you and all people can see is the big wet spot you are walikng around with! You have been given the keys and its ok to walk around naked.


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