My relationship skills suck! Yeah, they suck. I’ve been told I think like a man. I don’t think so. If that were true I wouldn’t be so bad at this. I have remained friends with pretty much every man I’ve been involved with. Have they tried to come back? Yes. But I’m hopeful that I learn from the experience and move on.

I’ve noticed lately that I damn near need an interpreter! I can’t decipher what it is you’re saying. Sometimes I can be downright clueless. “Oh, Courtney they were so nice. Weren’t they really nice? No Mom, they like you and they’re trying to get next to you.”

“Did you see him looking at you? Huh, I don’t think so.” This is the usual conversation between my daughter, my Mother, and me. “Do you remember so and so? You know he always had a thing for you? No he didn’t Mommy. Oh, yes he did!”

Obviously I went to public school and I’m a little slow. Here’s a thought. Tell me!!!!!!! When I’m actually brave enough to say something you act insulted or completely uninterested. GOD!!! Would you give me a code book? Women play games? Hell you’ve got that on lock. I love you dearly, but you’re irritating as hell. Stop playing with my heart and my feelings. If you love me then tell me! Is it that hard? If you don’t want to be bothered; please tell me that too. I ain’t for everybody, but I’d like to believe that GOD created someone just for me. Remember I finally decided that I wanted to get married again. Look here, you need to be this tall to ride this ride. I’m an Equal Opportunity Employer, but come with the application complete and be sure to write in any special skills that might make you stand out from the rest.

GOD why can’t we understand each other?! Most of my friends are men. It’s always been that way. I had a really close friend in high school. Years later we met up again and tried to date. Can you say DISASTER?!! He also turned out to be a big liar, but that’s another blog.;-)

Hi. My name is Veela Ammons. I’m an entrepreneur and I’m building a legacy for my family. I love music, but first and foremost I love GOD. I have a daughter that’s attending Hampton University to become a pharmacist. I’m pretty easy-going. My Mother is my best friend and prayer partner. I’m looking to settle down. Not looking to have any more children. I think I’m a little past that. I am one of the most loving people you’ll ever meet. I love to love. I’m in good place now. I finally learned how to love myself and because of that I can really love you. How about you?


  1. It's refereshing when you find any human these days that is honest and authentic. You can tell them though. Their words won't be parsed and they pretty much do not speak with pauses. The pauses show that there is some calculation or something. Many many people have alterior motives and are predatory. This is sad because that says alot about their own confidence or lack thereof and their lack of real love for themselves. Authenticity takes confidence and boldness. It takes a sense of comfort for who they are. Frankly, I do not believe that one can be authentic unless they have a close close relationship with God. I mean, I think, it takes someone who prays, or rather more precisely, talks to God on a continual basis. Then and only then will they have the confidence not to be afraid and not look at people as "them". That is the real key to me. When you love people just for who they are and appreciate them to be the lights of God that they really are, even though they may not appreciate it themselves, then you beam. You see love so vividly that you can not help but to feel happiness and joy regardless of your situation in terms of relationship. You are not predatory and you look to help add to other's lives instead of taking things away or getting from them. That is the only way to live for me. My advertisement for myself lies in how I treat others and display my love and appreciation for them. The only words I need are those of love, kindness, comfort, encouragement, and hope. Hi, My name is John Marshall. I am a student of love and compassion under the tutelage of God. Pleased to meet you.

  2. I wondered though.... should we define ourselves by association? What I am asking is, if all those associations were removed who would you really be? ~ Just a thought provoking sister....pondering!! :) ~Anonymous

    I have said from the beginning that at Tell it To Venus there is no race, no creed, no color, no gender, and especially no judgments! That's why I take issue with church. I believe the GOD I serve is bigger than four walls and I don't believe in denomination. I want people to express how they really feel. Damn it say what you really want to say!! Don't worry about how it sounds or what people think. I know you hear all the time about "you love who you love". No baby, LOVE is a conscious decision. Don't nobody just wake up and say oops I fell in love. Hell to the no(in my Whitney Houston voice)! If I had known what I know now when I was married; I'd probably still be married.

    When I saw myself falling out of love(yes that was my understanding as a 20 something yr old) I reached out for help. My ex told me,"Black men don't get counseling." lmao

    And when I sought the advice of my brilliant Mother she told me, "Women fall in and out of love with their husbands all the time. You'll be in love again." Sorry Mommy, but you didn't get it. I was MISERABLE!!!! Hell, I thought about killing myself every day. When GOD spoke to me and said HE wanted me to be happy I was relieved. I prayed for 2 yrs before I made a move.

    It's like this; if I succumbed to the advice from all the different groups that I'm somehow associated with I would not be here. I would have committed suicide. I mean that. It's enough to make anyone crazy!! People telling me GOD wasn't going to bless me if I got a divorce. Quoting scripture with no knowledge or love in their heart. I know what you mean sister. I AM HERE!!! I'm here because I gave up on all those labels long time ago.

    PS I loved Terry enough to recognize that he was miserable too.

  3. Hola Veela so men are from Mars and women are from Venus and know they are not hearing to each other? ~Anonymous

    Hola Papi': See you should be reading the blog. http://tellittovenus.blogspot.com/ I have said all along that we are more alike than different. I contend that men and women want the same things we just go about it differently. We're not that far apart in our ideals. We all want to find that person that GOD has for us. We want to love and be loved. Well at least I do. I have heard and read some of the most honest confessions from the men. It's not my sisters who are schooling me in relationships; it's you. The men!!!! I never knew you felt that way. You're just as vulnerable as we are. I never knew.

    We have to keep the dialog going. Not that I want to toot my own horn, but there are members of the Venus Family who claim this saved their marriage. Others who say that they have opened themselves up to loving and began new relationships. Isn't that great! I'm nobody, but GOD gave me this vision. It's a dream that has manifested. How AWESOME is HE!!!!!

  4. I have enjoyed reading some of the blogs, and we just became friends on FB, keep it coming, I think your are very well spoken Venus:)


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