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My relationship skills suck! Yeah, they suck. I’ve been told I think like a man. I don’t think so. If that were true I wouldn’t be so bad at this. I have remained friends with pretty much every man I’ve been involved with. Have they tried to come back? Yes. But I’m hopeful that I learn from the experience and move on.

I’ve noticed lately that I damn near need an interpreter! I can’t decipher what it is you’re saying. Sometimes I can be downright clueless. “Oh, Courtney they were so nice. Weren’t they really nice? No Mom, they like you and they’re trying to get next to you.”

“Did you see him looking at you? Huh, I don’t think so.” This is the usual conversation between my daughter, my Mother, and me. “Do you remember so and so? You know he always had a thing for you? No he didn’t Mommy. Oh, yes he did!”

Obviously I went to public school and I’m a little slow. Here’s a thought. Tell me!!!!!!! When I’m actually brave enough to say something you act insulted or completely unin…


On August 10, 1987 Courtney Nicole Ammons entered the world. I know babies are born every day, but this was my baby. Natural childbirth?? What the hell was I thinking? It hurt like hell!!! “It’s pressure.” Yeah Mommy, thanks a lot. She told me later she felt if she was honest I’d freak out. She was right.

“Mommy, what if I don’t know what to do with it?!” I was so serious. Here I was in a make-shift birthing room. Yeah, good idea. Terry had me laughing so hard. They had me walking around the room. Terry was quick to remind me that it was the most exercise that I’d had since the pregnancy. Okay so it was a little funny. When I talked to Mommy on the phone I was laughing so hard she thought that maybe I wasn’t in full-term labor. I was using that breathing technique. When the contractions came so quickly that was not working. I was informed that it was too late for drugs. Oh hell, what do I do?

When CoCo came out she didn’t cry, but smiled at her Father. The love affair b…

Luther Van Dross-Dance With My Father Again

My Godfather once told me that your relationship with your Heavenly FATHER mirrors your relationship with you earthly Father. I miss my Father. He wasn't perfect, but if I asked my Daddy for something he always did his best to make it happen for his Lumpty-Lump. I don't always do what I should, but my Heavenly FATHER has never denied me.


WHY ARE YOU SO BITTER? Saying says: “What does not kill you makes you stronger.”

I had a great conversation with my favorite cousin today. He’s happily married and has been for a while. Career –wise he and his wife are both successful. They both work in the entertainment industry. He did have me cracking up. He was like “Vee, why is it always the woman who ain’t got nobody that wants to tell you and everybody else how to get a man? Or even how to have a relationship.”They are the same ones with all the relationship books.

Am I single? Yes. Do I have a man? No. Do I have trouble getting a man? No. Do I have trouble finding the right man for me? Yes. I saw something today about whether or not a believer could marry someone of a different faith or an unbeliever. That’s a different can of worms. Let’s go back to the topic at hand. I wasn’t going to discuss this, but earlier this week I was attacked on my Facebook page. I said in my status that “Jesus is my boyfriend.” My point was I’ve heard many women who are dedicated to the church use that phrase as i…

Chanté Moore - Bitter

AM I MARRIAGE MATERIAL? "Not trying to be someone’s wifey or girlfriend. I want to be somebody’s wife!"

I recently had a conversation with a good friend. We try to support each other whenever we can. We’re both in transition. He’s going through a divorce and after talking to him I surprised myself and realized that I want to get married again. I’ll be damned! It surprised me too. He was like, “Wow Vee!”

Wow is right. I didn’t know it myself. It sort of came out. Sometimes the GOD in you, the subconscious speaks up. When it does you need to pay attention. My Godfather once told me that you should be so in tune with the Father that His thoughts and yours are one. I know that’s scripture, but it doesn’t happen until you surrender yourself (as a friend so gently reminded me). Since my birthday and before, I’ve been giving into the surrender. I finally accepted the calling on my life. I don’t know where that’s going to take me, but I’m ready.

In July it will be 17 years since my divorce. That’s a long time. I’ve been proposed to. But I’ve not had a man in my life that I knew I…