What Makes You Loveable?

This is a repost that a friend was kind enough to point me to.  Some things I agree with and others I don't.  It's always good to hear someone else's opinion.  Just starting the conversation....


Why women believe that we love them

Published on July 23, 2008 in Warrior of Light.
By Paulo Coelho

In this case the title of the newsletter is not right. Since in the previous Warrior of Light Online I said refused to write about the reasons why men love woman (I would be considered a male chauvinist South-American writer who despises the liberation movement of the opposite sex), a reader called Julia decided to do it for me. So now we have the feminine version of why we love women. Of course, I don’t agree with everything, but this is a (relatively) free tribune. Let’s see what Julia has to tell us:

We men love women because they still feel they are adolescents even after they grow old.

Because they smile every time they pass a child.

Because they walk down the street erect, always looking straight ahead, never turning round to say thanks or return the smile or compliment we make when they pass by.

Because they are bold in bed, not because they have a perverse nature but because they want to please us.

Because they do everything necessary for the house to be tidy and perfect, and never expect any recognition for the work they have done.

Because they don’t read pornographic magazines.

Because they don’t complain about the sacrifices they make for the sake of the ideal of beauty, facing up to waxers, Botox injections and menacing machines in gyms.

Because they prefer to eat salads.

Because they draw and paint their faces with the same concentration as Michelangelo working on the Sistine Chapel.

Because if they want to know something about their own appearance, they ask other women and don’t bother us with this type of question.

Because they have their own ways of solving problems, which we never understand, and that makes us mad.

Because they feel compassion, and say “I love you” precisely when they are beginning to love us less, to make up for what we can feel and notice.

Because sometimes they complain about things that we feel too, such as colds and rheumatic pains, and then we understand that they are people just like us.

Because they write love stories.

Because while our armies invade other countries, they remain firm in their private and inexplicable war to put an end to all the cockroaches in the world.

Because they cry their eyes out when they hear the Rolling Stones singing “Angie”.

Because they are capable of going to work dressed like men, in their delicate little suits, whereas no man would ever dare go to work wearing a skirt.

Because in the movies – and only in the movies – they never take a shower before making love with their partners.

Because they always manage to find a convincing defect when we say that another woman is pretty, making us feel insecure about our taste.

Because they really take seriously everything that is happening in the private lives of celebrities.

Because they manage to fake orgasms with the same artistic quality as the most famous and talented of movie stars.

Because they just love exotic cocktails with different colors and delicate little ornaments, while we always have the same old whiskey.

Because they don’t waste hours thinking about how they are going to approach the pretty young man who has just come on the bus.

Because we came from them, will go back to them, and until that happens, live in orbit around the feminine body and soul.

And I would add: we men love them for being women. As simple as that.

Question: 1. What makes you loveable?
                 2. What do you love about the opposite sex?


  1. I had to quickly chime in on this one!

    One of the things I most love about women is this point: Because they have their own ways of solving problems..." That is a thing I adore in all women. It never makes me mad though, it amazes me that I need a woman to point out the things I missed.

    The thing that makes me loveable? I can name things from my own point of view but what I hear about is my attentiveness.

  2. Some Men feel the need to Love a thousand different Women, but a Real Man knows how to Love one Woman a thousand different ways..Britney Robinson

    I think that says it ALL!

  3. I believe it gives the true reasons why its so hard for african american men and women to have a long lasting relationships.I think even the question why i cant find a "good" black man is the wrong question alot of black men say the same thing about black women are there any good black women out there?But most blackmen instead of asking that question either date outside there race or just play the field on african american women blackmen on there own wil call them babies momma, or chicken heads, or hoodrats black men and women have been BOTH HURT BY DISENTIGRATION OF THE BLACK FAMILY UNIT THE MOTHER AND THE FATHER ARE BOTH THE REASON WHY WE CANT FIND LOVE.But historically during slavery if you emasculate the male and masculate the female there is going to be problems in the family stucture or masters didnt want us to have bonds like that but to have children for them to use like cattle

  4. or sale off as merchandise i read good hot pussy he just deals tlks about the effects and gives subcultural answers to problem with out dealing with the true causes historically as to why we treat each other and view each other the way we do and so family is not the most important role for the male or the female as well another book to read "race women and class" angela davis says the same thing


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