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I was having a casual conversation with a my good friend Don Spears. Don wrote a bestseller years ago called In Search of Goodpussy. In the book Don discussed his theories on black love and how history has affected our relationships. He has strong opinions. We don't always agree. Today we did.

Time and time again I hear about the shortage of eligible black men. I've constantly heard that one of the factors is homosexuality. I attribute this to single mothers raising sons on their own. Don't get me wrong; I'm a single mother too. I would never profess to know how to teach a boy to be a man. Unfortunately, a lot of us didn't grow up with a strong father-figure. Men and women don't think alike. Example: Don was telling me how his uncle didn't have a problem sharing or giving his wife money, but he never did it in front of his children. He didn't believe a woman should be in a man's pocket. If we took a poll most of us would agree that we were told by …

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Tell It To Venus is the brainchild of two friends who still have hope in love and relationships. Even in the current relationship environment in which we live(an environment that appears to offer a slim chance of having a healthy relationship or any possibility of marriage), we are still encouraged. We understand how easy it is to become tired and discouraged; Tell It To Venus is here to listen. This site serves as not only as a forum, but a means in which we can connect and share valuable information, experiences, and wisdom. Our forum will not be used for any male bashing. We love men and welcome their opinions. It is important that we keep and have an open and honest dialog and respect one another's opinions and experiences. Tell It To Venus has contributing experts from a variety of fields; from nutrition to finance. We offer networking opportunities as well as excursions for professionals to connect and possibly find love. After al…